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Netled Participates In Finland Food Wastage Project

Indoor Ag-Con exhibitor Netled participated in Finland ProjectThis fall, Indoor Ag-Con exhibitor Netled participated in a project organized by the city of Tampere in Finland. The project aims to develop and pilot different forms of urban and local food production as well as solutions to minimize food wastage, especially how the wastage can be reduced already when the food is produced.

The new residential area of Tampere, Hiedanranta, acted as the stage of the pilot and with the feedback gathered from the project, the area is developed towards a sustainable and smart city of the future.

Vertical farming is one of the urban food production solutions taking part in the pilot. Urban food brings food near the consumers and their living areas, and vertical farming is one of the key factors enhancing local food production as well as the circular economy at large.

During October, Netled’s Vera® vertical farm was situated and working in the innovation facility in Hiedanranta. Citizens of Tampere were invited to order two free herbs, thyme and parsley, via an online form. The herbs are planted based on actual orders, and ready for the consumers to collect at a specific week. With this pilot, solutions especially for food wastage are re-thought and piloted, as the products are grown according to real and timely demand.

Food waste, urban farming, vertical farming