Nick Greens, Nick Greens Grow Team


Indoor Ag-Con 2021 Speaker Nick Greens, Founder |Agriculture Specialist, Nick Greens Grow Team, started his growing career in 2002 as an apprentice grower for a hydroponics shop in San Diego, California. He worked through several cycles/harvests before venturing out on his own.

In 2007, Nick moved to Humboldt County, California. There he worked  as an assistant grower for a collective of green houses.  While there he began experimenting with a vortex brewer to develop several recipes for compost teas.

In 2010, Nick moved to his native Chicago to start growing for Blue Star Nick_Greens_Grow_TeamProduce. During his time there, he perfected his compost tea recipes and became a pioneer in organic microgreens and leafy greens production. He worked for and advised many Chicago indoor farms including Garfield Produce, Bright Farms, Windy City Greens, Plant Chicago and Closed Loop Farms.

Nick also created the microgreens program at FarmedHere in 2014.  He  build its first NFT systems, creating crop and lighting recipes, and helped improve monthly sales by nearly 20% by 2016.