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Nona Yehia, Vertical Harvest

Indoor Ag-Con Board Member and Speaker Nona Yehia  is uniquely positioned in the vertical farming sphere.  She is  a practicing Architect.And, she is Co-Founder, and CEO of the 1st vertical hydroponic greenhouse in the United States. Vertical Harvest of Jackson Hole is a cutting-edge commercial scale greenhouse.  It   not only grows food for communities, in communities~ but futures for those who need it most.

Following her passion for local food and experiences growing up with a brother with developmental disabilities, Yehia conceived of a three story hydroponic greenhouse that employs people with developmental disabilities while producing local food for the community year round. In 2016 Vertical Harvest opened its doors.

This flagship project embodies Nona Yehia’s efforts to pursue projects that have a profound impact on communities based on agricultural, economic and social innovation. Nona and her team have positioned Vertical Harvest to expand its brand to serve communities across the nation.