Brian Lanes, Consultant


Brian_Lanes_Industry_ConsultantIndoor Ag-Con 2021 Speaker Brian Lanes has over 40 years as an entrepreneur and consultant in international business development. His services include supporting strategies for development.  Services also include those for go-to-market  technologies and products within the broad horticulture field. As well, Brian leverages potential collaborations by building relationships and creating mutually beneficial partnerships.

He brings an innate restless curiosity alongside a cross pollinating personality. Brian  works with early movers, innovative thinkers, and intrepid leaders. These industry members  seek to devote their resources to tackling core problems they encounter.

In 2013 Brian was hired by PlantLab, a Dutch plant science and engineering company that builds and operates indoor farms.  His role with PlantLab included opening up their U.S. market presence and to pursue opportunities for long-term growth from customers, markets, and relationships. 

After completing his engagement with PlantLab in 2019, Brian joined forces with a lifelong friend and business colleague to launch a consulting company that provides analysis, strategic modeling, and problem solving for investors, owners and operators in the broad horticulture industry.