Shannon O’Malley, Brick Street Farms

Shannon OMalley Brick Street Farms and Thrive Containers Indoor Ag-Con 2021 Speaker

Indoor Ag-Con speaker Shannon O’ Malley is Co-Founder of  Brick Street Farms and Thrive Containers.  She is a successful leader and entrepreneur with 12+ years founding and steering ag-tech forward companies. Shannon leverages her passion for environmentally-based agriculture and green technology. Her goal — to tackle human challenges and climate change through sustainable farming and technology research and development initiatives.

Shannon started Brick Street Farms in 2016. Her vision – to creating a food system that truly brings food production to the point of consumption.  At the time, she was unable to find container farms that produced high enough yields to keep up with demand. So  Shannon, along with her team members, designed her own containers, THRIVE Containers.   Shannon is unique in the world of urban farming as the only female CEO with her experience in both design and manufacturing of the container farms as well as the operation of those farms for actual financial sustainability.

Shannon’s commitment to tackling human food challenges is evident through her 501c3 Desert Farms Foundation.  The foundation will work towards ending food deserts and food insecurities.