Indoor Ag-Con has long supported entrepreneurs in the fast-growing indoor agriculture industry, for instance, it sponsored the first Startup Weekend Singapore to include an indoor agriculture focus in 2017. It is taking this commitment one step further in 2018 with an indoor agriculture pitch competition to find the most innovative new ideas globally in indoor agriculture. The competition is open to any team that is developing, or has launched, a technology designed for the indoor agriculture industry, regardless of where the team is based. The competition will take place alongside Indoor Ag-Con Asia on January 15-17.  Three winning teams will receive prize packages including Startup SG grants of S$50,000 per team thanks to the support of SPRING Singapore.


The initial round of pitches will take place on January 15, 2018 at Marina Bay Sands, and a panel of three judges will select five finalists. Here’s the pitching schedule:

Your Company NamePitch Time Slot
Apolonia Agrotech4:00 PM
Ecolution Agri-Tech Pte Ltd4:30 PM
Eden Clear4:45 PM
Goterra5:00 PM
Guildbox5:30 PM
NutraPonics Singapore5:45 PM
Plant Cartridge Pte Ltd6:00 PM
Protenga6:15 PM
Pure Harvest Smart Farms6:30 PM
SuperORGANICS Global7:00 PM
The Precious – Growing Food from Waste7:15 PM

We’ll comp passes for up to two members of each of the five finalist teams to the entire Indoor Ag-Con Asia event on January 16-17, 2018, and each team will pitch to our entire Indoor Ag-Con Asia audience on January 17, 2018.  A panel of judges will then select three winners.



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Individuals can be part of only one team, and each team can submit only one idea.

Yes, we encourage you to explain how you envisage it being used in an indoor farm during your pitch.

The competition is intended to find the best technology ideas, so you are welcome to enter the technology that you’re using in your farm if you have developed it yourself.

The judges are looking for four criteria:
-innovation; is this idea different and new?
-commercial progress; how advanced is the idea?
-team; are they well-equipped to scale the business?, and
-investment potential; will it generate a strong return for investors?

Sure, provided each team member is at least 18 years’ old

To be fair to all, we do not accept registrations to pitch after the deadline of 11.45pm on January 8, 2018.

To be fair to all, we do not accept changes to presentations after the submission deadline of 11.45pm on January 8, 2018.

The first round of pitches will be from 4-7pm on Monday, January 15, 2018 in a room adjacent to the Orchid Ballroom, Marina Bay Sands. For those who are selected as finalists, the second round of the pitch will be on Wednesday, January 17, 2018 on the main stage of our Indoor Ag-Con Asia event in the Orchid Ballroom, Marina Bay Sands.

You have 10 minutes, followed by 5 minutes of questions. The questions will be from the panel of judges for the first round, and from the Indoor Ag-Con Asia audience for the finals.

No, you have the option to use a presentation in pdf format and / or video in mp4 format, but you can choose to present without either if you prefer.

Your presentation will be queued by our professional AV staff and you will have a microphone and clicker available to use if you wish.

You do not need to use your laptop as your presentation will be queued for you by our professional AV staff.

The judging panel comprises of representatives from SPRING Singapore, investors and indoor agriculture industry participants. There will be a panel of three judges for the first pitch. We won’t be releasing their names ahead of time, and – to be fair to all – there won’t be an opportunity to meet with them outside of the pitch.

You are welcome to bring as many team members as you would like to the first pitch, but we ask that you show consideration for our staff and judges by bringing only those that you need to support you.

You will need to be registered for Indoor Ag-Con Asia to attend the finals on January 17, as these will take place on the main stage of the event. We will comp up to two passes for the full event for each of the five finalist teams. You are welcome to purchase passes for the event for additional team members if you would like them to join you.

Startup SG grants are divided into two parts; a S$25,000 non-dilutive cash grant and a further S$25,000 grant with an option to convert into equity at the next institutional fundraising.

Please contact us at and we’d be happy to discuss including your company as a competition sponsor.

As a one-time courtesy, we will either refund the cost of your pass or transfer it to our Las Vegas event, at your choice. This does not alter our standard policy of not offering refunds in any way.

We comp passes for up to two members of each of the five finalist teams. We do not comp passes just for entering to pitch.


The easiest way to reach us is via email at We strongly encourage you to read both the competition brochure and these FAQs before you do so.

Our media pack for the competition is here and we’d be happy to answer any further questions via email at