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Katy Landt Safe Ag Systems To ATtend Indoor Ag-Con 2022

Safe Ag Systems Safety Management Software Now Available In US

In case you missed all the excitement, Safe Ag Systems, an operational software for managing worker safety and health as well as farm compliance, is now available in the United States! Designed especially for growers, farmers and ranchers, Safe Ag Systems software offers a practical, cloud-based safety management system.

Australia’s leading farm safety solution became a fully fledged start-up company in 2016, launching as a safety and health system including its safety audit tool. Co-founded by Caroline Graham, of the Graham Group, and her daughter Katy Landt, the SaaS solution was created after a near miss on a family farm in Arthurton, South Australia. Many within the South Australian community and agricultural industry know Caroline Graham as a key supporter and driver of safety education.

With over 40 years in agriculture and horticulture sectors, and 20 years in vocational education, Caroline has spent her whole life on farm. Championing the project, co-founder and CEO, Katy Landt is from a five-generation farming family on the Yorke Peninsula, South Australia.

Katy who left the family grain farm at 17 years old, combined her time as Design Director for one of Adelaide’s leading communication design companies with her understanding of product design, business operations, strategic UI/UX and industry knowledge to produce the digital solution. Allowing for easy management of compliance with occupational safety and health requirements, the safety management system is accessible via desktop and mobile app.

Based on common principles of effectively managing risk, complying with local laws and good record keeping, the data driven software was created to gather records in real-time. Data flows in and out of the product to both educate the worker on best practices as well as gather evidence to demonstrate compliance with various regulations and certifications. Provable compliance is essential for all agricultural businesses. There is no right or wrong way to manage safety in the workplace, but you need to be able to prove that you are meeting legal responsibilities, which can differ for the business, supervisor, and workers. By equipping the people on the ground, Safe Ag Systems educates as well as gathers the records required.

The diversity across commodities and constant feedback, over the past five years, straight to the Safe Ag Systems team has allowed the technology to improve and focus on providing a productivity tool to the business and its workers. Since Safe Ag Systems understands that not everyone has an inhouse Safety and Health expert, the program offers over 300 pre-made templates relating to work safety in agriculture. Safe Ag Systems covers a range of areas including policies and safe operating guides, safety checklists, chemical, machinery and equipment management, injury, illness and work-related incident reporting, worker onboarding, emergency management and more. One of the key drivers Katy identified with the acceptance of a safe system for work in agriculture was simplicity.

“Our farmers need to carry out their required safety obligations without impacting productivity and causing frustration. We need to be innovative and design a user Interface that takes them on a pathway, gathering data and prompting response.” “The mission at Safe Ag Systems has always been to remove the paperwork associated with compliance for agribusinesses without having to compromise on productivity and quality assurance. This top-of-mind awareness for safety and health should not be limited by country borders, but with the aim to take this mission global.”

As Katy has previously stated, “We have seen a positive change in the perception and importance of workplace safety and health over the past few years in Australia. Having witnessed this cultural shift, as well as the uptake and impact of Safe Ag Systems for our clients, we have an obligation to go global.” Over the short period of time that Safe Ag Systems has been available, its team and product offering have grown considerably. Having started out with a focus on family farms, Safe Ag Systems has evolved to include corporate farm needs.

Growing its community, Safe Ag Systems is now available throughout five countries including Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada and the United States.

Katy Landt, Safe Ag Systems CEO, will be accompanied by Kirby Richmond-Davis, Business Development Manager, at this year’s Indoor Ag-Con. Bringing both their years of industry knowledge and experience, they can’t wait to meet you! If you’d like to know how Safe Ag Systems can help you or organize a demo head to