Sam Norton, Heron Farms

Sam Norton Heron Farms Founder Indoor Ag-Con Speaker

Indoor Ag-Con Speaker Sam Norton is founder of Heron Farms .  

Heron Farms started as a research question asked by Sam when he was a graduate student: what if the 21st century’s two biggest problems, excess seawater and excess carbon dioxide, were not problems but free resources for a new kind of agriculture?

This concept for seawater agriculture won first place at the South Carolina Department of Agriculture ACRE Startup Competition and the Charleston based Harbor Accelerator Startup Competition. Since its first seed Heron Farms has focused on one goal: scale.

For seawater agriculture to help feed the 10 billion people expected by 2050 it will need to scale exponentially. Yet land-use constraints and salt management issues have stymied recent outdoor approaches to seawater agriculture scalability.

Heron Farms solves these scalar issues by growing plants vertically and managing salinity with predictive software. Heron Farms is located in downtown Charleston, South Carolina.