Seamless Artificial Sunlight: AllianceNP  Offers Plasma Lighting System With RF Solid-State Technologies

AlliancNP Sunshine By Analogue

Indoor Ag-Con exhibitor AllianceNP has developed a PLS Lighting series with RF Solid-State technologies that is designed for strong performance, versatility and value.

Whether the application is grow light, high bay, or street light, the full spectrum artificial sunlight “Sunshine-by-analogue” series from AllianceNP makes the choice easy. Having sunlight and combining its value and excellent performance in robust design, the  “Sunshine-by-analogue” series delivers a seamless, perfect sunlight spectrum, superior uniformity and excellent illuminations to the targeted applications. With PPFD 400~1,000 μmol/m2S, the  “Sunshine-by-analogue” series is the  ideal solution for replacing not only 400W LED but legacy 1,000W HPS and Metal Halide.AllianceNP Sushine By Analogue at Indoor Ag-Con

An innovative, thermal heat pipe design gets rid of fans and extends the life of the lighting systems and fixtures, resulting in more than 20 years of maintenance free savings (12hr/day operation in indoor farm).

Simple modular types (Lighting bulb unit, amplifier and power supply)  are providing design flexibility while simplifying installation.

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