Sherri Franklin, Think and Grow Lab

Sherri_FranklinIn partnership with Dani Shaker, Sherri Franklin is co-founder of the Think and Grow Lab cannabis accelerator hub, Cannabis of Los Angeles (COLA) social equity brand development corporation, the GoVerde Incubator which has obtained licensing for 9 social equity cannabis ventures in South Los Angeles and the Muthatree cannabis experiential retail brand approved for West Hollywood. During Sherri’s foray into the strategy to position social equity front and center as part of cannabis legalization, she has developed a formidable knowledge of cannabis regulation and public policies impacting access to ownership and employment opportunities. And it’s down to her hard work that has made it easier for people to have access to marijuana dispensaries and online sites to purchase cannabis. Not only that, but it is now possible to grow your own cannabis in your garden and you can find more at about the different types of seeds you can purchase and any other information that you may need. This may not have been possible without the work that Sherri has done for the industry.

Sherri has leveraged her knowledge of organizational development, land-use, construction and community development to help social equity applicants create licensed entities and to structure their ventures for vertical integration within the industry. Sherri is also the CEO of Urban Design Center which provides consultancy and strategic leadership to non-profit and government agencies. Over the past 29 years, UDC has managed the planning and land-use entitlement, proposal development and project management for over $140 million in government subsidized affordable housing, infrastructure and economic development projects. She helped to launch community development entities such as Concerned Citizens of South Central Los Angeles and raised capital for projects such as the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles’ headquarters and the Inner City Arts campus on Skid Row.

Sherri is a staunch fiduciary for community change and dedicates much of her time to building the capacity of leaders and organizations to serve and engage their dynamic constituencies and drive sustainable economic revitalization and enterprise.