Shrikant.Ramakrishnan, the Global Business Development Director at Plantagon AB earns his distinction working on research subjects that integrate sustainable urban farming with consumer demands and plant-flow optimization.

Shrikant’s core research areas include price elasticity of organic products, demand actualization of farm-fresh greens, cost-optimization of vertical farming technologies and integrated city planning for yield efficient urban farming.

Shrikant has the advantage of working on two sides of the food chain – both as a urban food producer with Plantagon and also previously as the Manager of premium hotel properties in central London. Cost of food in an urban context includes energy used to produce, transport and store alongside water, waste, logistics and other multitude of factors.

Integrating urban food production into city-planning allows new industries to grow, energy to be saved, water to optimized and saved, waste to be handled in eco-friendly ways, consumers to have direct access to farm fresh produce and lastly the growth of a nutrient rich generation possibly stabilizing the enormous trend of massive urbanization.

Consumer research on urban foods globally allows for a deeper market penetration with new levels of direct and indirect influence. These research subjects on a global scale with cities like Singapore, Linköping, Mumbai, New Delhi, Syracuse, Shanghai, HongKong & others, forms the fulcrum of his growing contribution to sustainable urban farming sector.

Shrikant remains a business-to-business (B2B) and a business-to-consumer (B2C) champion of this niche industry through his research specializations. Shrikant has a working experience of over 18 years with Emirates Airlines, Travelodge Hotels, QAD Inc. & now Plantagon AB.

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