Soil 101 | Grow Mediums & Substrates: Talking Best Practices With the Profile Products’ HydraFiber Team

Greenhouse and Soil

Do you know if the soil you’re using is good for your plants?  Profile Products’ HydraFiber team members Siebe Streekstra and Nathan Carney will answer this question and others during their Indoor Ag-Con presentation, “Grow Mediums & Substrates | Best Practices,” on Thursday, May 23, 2019 from 10-10:30 am.  We checked in with Siebe to find out about some of the key points he and Nathan would be covering during the session:

Q:Share 2-3 key points you plan to cover during your Indoor Ag-Con presentation.
A: I’ll be co-presenting with Nate Carney, our Technical Specialist. On theSiebe_Streekstra_Profile_Products_Hydrafiber surface, our topic may seem fairly simple: Soil 101. But without a good, hard-working soil to get every plant off to a strong start, it isn’t really possible to deliver high-quality finished product to the marketplace. We’ll walk the group through what a plant needs from its soil, both on the physical and chemical sides. Next we’ll talk about how to recognize if the soil they’re using is good for their plants. Finally we’ll discuss the advantages our engineered fiber product delivers and how HydraFiber is helping to grow better plants at the same time as it’s eliminating many grower’s pain points.

Q:What do you think is the most pressing challenge in the indoor agriculture sector today and how are you / your company addressing it?
A: Like many industries, the challenges are so diverse. One of the biggest is sustainability because we’re reaching the end of a lot of our natural resources, peat being the main one. Our parent company, Profile Products, has been proudly offering researched and proven soil / media solutions that are environmentally friendly to many different industries for over 50 years. Profile is one of America’s largest processors of Virgin Southern Yellow Pine and the world’s largest processor for horticulture. Research has shown the Southern Yellow Pine species is the safest material to combine and place in a substrate, without the toxins found in hardwoods and other species that can affect plant establishment and growth.

Q:What is your role and how did you get involved with Profile Products?
A: As a product specialist for Profile Products’ HydraFiber team, I’m involved in the day-to-day contact with our current and future customers. I show growers the potential that HydraFiber Advanced Substrate can have on their growing mix program, to share the “nuts and bolts” of our product line, and to help them with any questions or adjustments they may have about our substrate.

When Profile approached me a few months ago to represent them on the West Coast, I saw a great opportunity to become involved with a game-changing product that has truly gotten the horticulture industry buzzing. Growers all across North America are now switching to HydraFiber for any number of reasons, whether it’s for improved root development and overall plant quality, inventory management, shelf life, efficiency or environmental benefits.

Q: What do you hope to get out of your participation in this year’s Indoor Ag-Con event in Las Vegas?
A: Profile would like to show every grower, large or small, how HydraFiber Advanced Substrate will make their media program work harder. HydraFiber gives them easy access to the only growing mix component that is domestic, reliable and readily available, and can be used a replacement or amendment to ingredients like peat, perlite, pine bark and coir with great success.

Q:Anything else you’d like to share with Indoor Ag-Con readers?
A: I truly hope to see many growers in the audience for Soil 101, and to talk to all of them during the show. Born and raised on a farm, I’ve been working with plants for my whole life. Sharing my knowledge and experience and learning from others about plants is my favorite part of working in this industry.