Past May 2019 Edition Featured 40-Plus Leading Industry Speakers, 5 Comprehensive Tracks — Everything You Need To Know About Indoor Farming Now!

Attendees of the May 22-24, 2019 Indoor Ag-Con had the chance to take a deep dive into 5 comprehensive industry tracks — Grow Equipment, Crop Selection, The Customer & Supply Chain, Business, Policy & Societal Impact – with a full roster of industry leading speakers that included these below.  Look for information on upcoming events, speakers and other information coming soon!

Irving Fain, Bowery

Irving Fain is the co-founder and CEO of Bowery, the modern farming company growing food for a better future by revolutionizing agriculture. Irving came up with the idea for Bowery after becoming obsessed with the question of how to provide fresh food more efficiently and sustainably to urban environments. Bowery’s large scale commercial indoor farms are the answer to this … Read More

Erika Summers, Sananbio

Erika Summers is the lead application engineer for Sananbio’s North America team. She works with clients to design and build innovative and cost effective environments to provide dependable production in the controlled environment industry. A graduate of the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and a five year veteran of the automotive industry, … Read More

Viraj Puri, Gotham Greens

Viraj co-founded and serves as CEO of Gotham Greens, a global pioneer in urban, indoor agriculture. Gotham Greens provides its diverse retail, restaurant, and institutional customers with a reliable, year-round, local supply of produce and fresh food products made under the highest standards of food safety and environmental sustainability. The company’s non-GMO, pesticide-free produce is grown using sustainable methods in … Read More

Brad McNamara, Freight Farms

With a background in sustainability and business, Brad McNamara is the CEO and co-founder of Freight Farms, the agtech company that first established the hydroponic vertical container farming industry. Founded in 2010, Freight Farms’ technology enables the year-round growth of fresh food anywhere on the globe, regardless of climate, using 95% less water than traditional agriculture. The company now has … Read More

Michael Guttman, Kennett Township

Michael Guttman is Director of the Sustainable Development Office for Kennett Township, Pennsylvania.  He is also co-founder of Kennett’s new Center of Excellence (COE) for Indoor Agriculture.  Kennett is home to the ‘FungiPlex’, the center of US mushroom industry, producing and distributing 50% of the national crop, all of which is grown in indoor vertical farms and delivered fresh across … Read More

JoWellen Douthit, Oasis Biotech

JoWellen Douthit is the Plant Science R&D Manager at Oasis Biotech. She is responsible for developing products, overseeing and implementing all trials, and ensuring all vital crop information is translated to the commercial team. A bonafide plant nerd, JoWellen can often be found immersed in the crop, talking about transpiration rates and repeating yield numbers day- in and day-out. Prior … Read More

Matt Roy, US Foods

Matt Roy is currently the Senior Director, Produce at US Foods. In this role as part of the Produce leadership team he supports centralized replenishment, field operations and strategy. Additionally, Matt leads US Foods work in the Indoor Agriculture space. Matt has spent over 22 years in the produce industry on both the retail and foodservice sides. He is a … Read More

Elaine Kung, AeroFarms

Elaine Kung is an Environmental Engineer at AeroFarms, a leading clean-technology company that builds and operates responsible, state-of-the-art indoor vertical farms around the world, enabling local production and transforming agriculture. A Certified B Corporation, AeroFarms has been recognized by Fast Company as one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies for Food two years in a row and by Inc. as … Read More

Dan Albert

Dan Albert is the Founder and General Manager of Farmbox Greens, a Seattle based indoor, vertical, farm specializing in microgreens. Dan’s work in indoor agriculture began in 2008 when he became involved with many early stage vertical farm design concepts. In 2011, Farmbox was founded and started growing product for local restaurants with the goal of growing the freshest, finest … Read More

Jake Eisenberg, OnePointOne Farms

Jake Eisenberg is Product Manager at OnePointOne Farms in Santa Clara, California. Prior to joining, Jake spent extended time in Japan, Singapore, and Taiwan as a freelance researcher examining the industry and market development among Asian Plant Factories and indoor growing facilities.

Dr. Grégoire Hummel, Phenospex

Grégoire is CEO of Phenospex.  He  is a plant scientist and earned his PhD at the Research Center Jülich and Max Planck Institute Jena, two world leading institutes in plant science and is the co-founder of Phenospex. Phenospex develops sensors for digital plant phenotyping and screening used in plant science, agriculture and indoor farming.

Sam Schatz, Aerofarms

Sam Schatz, Managing Director of Corporate Development for AeroFarms ,  a leading clean-technology company that builds and operates responsible, state-of-the-art indoor vertical farms around the world, enabling local production and transforming agriculture. A Certified B Corporation, AeroFarms has been recognized by Fast Company as one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies for Food two years in a row and by … Read More

Electra Jarvis, Green Food Solutions

Electra is the co-founder and farming director of Green Food Solutions, a company empowering a new local food system. Green Food Solutions sells, installs, and maintains vertical farms and gardens. They provide the free planning and design of any vertical farm or garden using Tower Farm technology. Electra believes that our personal health is interconnected to our planet’s health. After … Read More

Sherri Franklin, Think and Grow Lab

In partnership with Dani Shaker, Sherri Franklin is co-founder of the Think and Grow Lab cannabis accelerator hub, Cannabis of Los Angeles (COLA) social equity brand development corporation, the GoVerde Incubator which has obtained licensing for 9 social equity cannabis ventures in South Los Angeles and the Muthatree cannabis experiential retail brand approved for West Hollywood. During Sherri’s foray into … Read More

Bert James, HomeGrown Agriculture

Bert James is an active crop consultant and farmer in Eastern NC. Homegrown Agriculture, established in 2001, has assisted over 100,000 acres of North Carolina production with fertility and crop management, specializing in technology and efficiency. In 2015, he served as president of the North Carolina Association of Crop Advisors. Preferred production concepts involve integrating old methods with new farm … Read More

Kimberly Kuden, Sakata Vegetable Seeds, Inc.

Kimberly Kuden is Senior Sales Manager Protected Culture Crops for Sakata Vegetable Seeds, Inc.  Kimberly is an experienced Sales and Product Development Manager with a demonstrated 25+ year history of working in the vegetable seed industry. She is skilled in Strategic Planning, Team Development, Product Development, Seed Production, Supply Chain, and Research. She is currently a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) … Read More

Gabriel Youtsey

Gabriel (Gabe) Youtsey  serves as the Chief Innovation Officer for UC Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC ANR). He is leading the California VINE initiative, which brings aims to catalyze innovation & entrepreneurship in food, agriculture and natural resources, working with industry, government, academic institutions and rural communities across California. The program is aimed at creating new impacts in agriculture and … Read More

Dr. Daisuke Urano, Ph.D.

Dr Daisuke Urano is a principal investigator at Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory and Disruptive & Sustainable Technologies for Agricultural Precision (DiSTAP) IRG, Singapore. His research projects aim to produce new vegetable varieties for indoor farming & tropical area, as well as applying non-invasive sensor technologies to indoor vertical farming. Principal Investigator, Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory, Singapore​ DiSTAP IRG, Singapore-MIT Alliance … Read More

Travis Higginbotham, Fluence By OSRAM

Travis Higginbotham is Director of Global Horticulture Service for Fluence By OSRAM. He oversees global cultivation and production-efficiency support for Fluence By OSRAM, ensuring clients successfully manage critical environmental factors. Prior to Fluence, Higginbotham was Director of Research and Development for Battlefield Farms. Higginbotham has a B.S. from Clemson University and is finishing his master’s degree in Horticulture at Virginia … Read More

Mark Doherty, Urban-Gro

Mark Doherty serves as the Vice President of Cultivation Technologies at urban-gro, a leading cannabis-focused agricultural solutions company delivering best-in-class systems and technologies to commercial cultivators around the world. Mark combines his extensive background in commercial-scale aquaponic farming with a personally-inspired passion for Cannabis advocacy and access to further urban-gro’s mission to helping cultivators achieve sustained scalability with innovative technologies … Read More

Tim Gordon, Functional Remedies

Tim Gordon became President at CBDRx and Functional Remedies in 2017 and is now serving as Chief Science Officer.  Born and raised in Canada in a Cannabis farming community, Tim’s love for sustainable cannabis farming is only eclipsed by his love for the cannabis plant. Tim oversees hemp operations and the Functional Remedies product division. Tim has developed an aggressive … Read More

Eric J. Mathur, TILT Holdings

Eric Mathur currently serves Chief Science Officer for TILT Holdings where he oversees the Company’s efforts on Cannabis molecular breeding program for the development of pure-line hybrid cultivars with defined chemical profiles tailored for specific therapeutic medical applications.  His expertise and knowledge traverses’ genome sciences, molecular biology, environmental microbiology, plant-microbe interactions, metagenomics, enzyme & drug discovery, plant domestication and applied … Read More

Peter Webb, Hussman

Peter Webb has developed Living Merchandisers for Hussmann, who has provided food retailers with safe, reliable and innovative merchandising solutions for over a century. Hussmann currently provides over half of North America’s refrigerated merchandisers to food retailers. Hussmann is a subsidiary of Panasonic and has a network of manufacturing facilities and service branches to serve the global market. Peter has … Read More

Dr. John Purcell, Bayer Crop Science

Dr. John Purcell has dedicated over three decades to helping farmers safely and sustainably grow food using less of the earth’s natural resources. He currently serves as the Vegetable Seed R&D Lead, Senior Vice President and Distinguished Science Fellow for Bayer Crop Science. In this role he works closely with teams of researchers and scientists looking at ways to breed … Read More

Raja Ramachandran,

Raja  Ramachandran is CEO and Co-Founder of ,  a technology company creating the blockchain of food to help the food supply chain achieve transparency, efficiency and improved value to solve problems around traceability, food safety, quality assurance, regulatory compliance. Raja, a serial entrepreneur, was most recently on the founding team and headed product development at R3CEV, the world’s largest … Read More

Nadine Williams, Shenandoah Growers

Nadine Williams is Director of Marketing at Shenandoah Growers and oversees national brand marketing and product innovation for the innovative indoor bioponic growing technology company. Nadine joined the team in 2016 and brings over 15 years of consumer marketing experience to her role. Prior to joining Shenandoah Growers, Nadine led consumer-driven communications and innovation strategies for brands such as Gorilla … Read More

Johnna Hepner, PMA

Johnna Hepner joined PMA in 2010 as Director of Food Safety and Technology. Johnna works with Dr. Bob Whitaker and Dr. Jim Gorny to create and implement food safety and science programs, products and services, including food safety education programs for small and local growers. She represents the association to members, commodity groups and allied industry organizations. Johnna possesses more … Read More

Maarten Vandecruys, Urban Crop Solutions

Maarten Vandecruys is the chief executive officer of Urban Crop Solutions. After graduating from Vlerick Business School, Maarten founded Urban Crop Solutions in order to provide total solutions for the fast-emerging closed environment vertical farming industry. Urban Crop Solutions engineers, manufactures and installs fully automated and integrated  indoor farming systems using own LED grow lights that are both efficient and effective … Read More

Aaron Crawford, PhD, Bayer Crop Science

Dr. Aaron Crawford is the Global Product Manager for Brassica and Leafy crops at Bayer Crop Science.  In this role, he works with growers and customers globally to better understand current and future needs to ensure that internal resources are aligned to meet future agricultural needs.  Indoor Agriculture is an intense area of focus, where Bayer is leveraging molecular breeding … Read More

Stacy Davis, Germains Seed Technology

Stacy Davis is Sales Account & Marketing Manager for Germains Seed Technology. Passionate about agriculture, Stacy Davis has worked in various sectors of the agriculture industry for 25 years including owned and operated Kohala Mountain Farm.  Four years ago, Stacy joined Germains Seed Technology North America where she oversees the company’s marketing while managing new product development projects for both … Read More

Penny McBride, Farmtech Society

Co-Founder and current board member of FarmTech Society, Penny McBride has worked for the past 15 years in sustainable food solutions and organic waste management systems. She serves as the Vice Chair to the international Association for Vertical Farming, promoting information sharing to promote progress and development in the Vertical Farming Industry. Penny co-founded Vertical Harvest of Jackson, which is … Read More

Dr. Gene Giacomelli, UA-CEAC (Controlled Environment Agriculture Center)

Urban agriculture and its technologies related to food production are an important part of Dr. Giacomelli’s  activities/interests as well as for the Mission of the UA-CEAC (Controlled Environment Agriculture Center) at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at the University of Arizona. Dr. Giacomelli was Director of the CEAC since its inception in 2000 until 2018, and has been … Read More

Dr. Steven J. Thomson, USDA-NIFA

Dr. Steven J. Thomson is a National Program Leader with the USDA National Institute Food and Agriculture (NIFA). He engages Universities, other federal agencies, and industry to provide national leadership in Capacity and Competitive Grant programs. He leads four programs that focus on engineering processes to improve systems relevant to agriculture. These research, education, and outreach activities include precision agriculture, … Read More

Blake Lange, Signify

Blake Lange is the Business Development Manager at Signify, formerly Philips Lighting – City Farming specializing in the design of LED lighting systems in vertical farms.  Blake is the direct link for customers in North America to the Philips GrowWise Center in Eindhoven, NL. Blake comes from a long line of farmers who have been growing corn and soybeans for … Read More

A’laric OVerbey, The F.A.R.M.

A’laric Overbey is CEO of Food Access and Reclamation Model (The F.A.R.M.), a company that is designed to recapture the food industry for community development and advancement. What it does for communities is bring quality food that is “beyond organic”, in urban city areas that are currently being replaced by food swamps and convenience stores providing sub-par food, reducing its … Read More

Christian Gray, Atlas Consulting

Christian Gray is a partner with Atlas Consulting,  a strategic consulting firm dedicated to applying the brightest minds in business to deliver solutions to your most difficult business challenges. Christian will lead the program  Hemp |Cannabis Genetic Landscape on Thursday, May 23, 2019 from 10-10:30 am

Siebe Streekstra, Profile Products | Hydrafiber

Siebe joined Profile Products in March 2019 as Product Representative – Horticulture for the West Coast region, and works directly with grower customers to make sure that they feel comfortable, successful and profitable growing with the HydraFiber product line. Today, he develops best practice manuals for HydraFiber growers, troubleshoots any production issues, and compiles trial data/photos to capture their HydraFiber … Read More

Nathan Carney, Profile Products |HydraFiber

A member of the Profile Products team since August 2013, Nate serves as Technical Specialist – Horticulture. In this role, he is focused on working directly with growers to ensure they know how to operate and get maximum results from their HydraFiber Processing Unit: highest yields from every bale, correct blends, and successful pot and container filling. In addition, he … Read More

Dennis Riling, Illumitex

Dennis Riling is the Director of Business Development – North America for Illumitex.  Dennis is a pioneer in the vertical farming sector and founded one of hte first vertical farming research and development companies in the US. He has a bachelor’s degree in Horticulture and specializes in vertical growing systems.

Nate Looney, Westside Urban Gardens

Nate Looney is the CEO and Owner of Westside Urban Gardens, an  urban agricultural start-up based in Los Angeles, CA. A native  Angeleno, Nate​ is an entrepreneur, US Army Veteran, and an Urban  Farmer.     After high school graduation, Nate ​headed north and became a  first-year student at San Francisco State University to study  psychology. Knowing that he is a … Read More

Dr. Karl Kolb, High Sierra Group

Karl Kolb was born in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin to Karl and Jeanne Kolb.  Within a few years the family moved to California where Karl grew up attending Los Gatos High School in Los Gatos, California.  Soon after high school and gaining an AA degree from a local college he entered the military and after 21 years retired as a distinguished … Read More

Vincent Kimura, Smart Yields

Vincent Kimura is CEO of Smart Yields. Born in Hawaii and raised in Asia, Vincent holds a master’s degree in Global Management from Thunderbird (ASU) and a bachelors in Environmental Science from Oregon State. He started his career with KPMG Consulting and has more than 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur, running three startups. He was named the 2016 … Read More

MICHELLE KLIEGER, Stratagerm Consulting LLC

Michelle Klieger founded Stratagerm Consulting LLC and is a seed expert. She helps vertical farmers improve their profitability by teaching them about the seed industry and how to manage their seed programs. At the American Seed Trade Association, Michelle worked on six continents and served on the Board of Directors for the Asia & Pacific Seed Association and the Seed Association of the Americas. Through these … Read More

Andrew Blume, inHouse Produce

Andrew has had a lifelong interest in where his food comes from. At 5 years old, Andrew decided he didn’t like the idea of eating animals, became a vegetarian, and has never looked back. In fall of 2015, Andrew found a way to combine his passion for sustainably sourced food with his career through volunteer work with the Association for … Read More

Brian Lanes, Consultant

Brian Lanes is an opportunity scout and catalyst with 40+ years of consulting and business development experience.  Brian works with early movers, innovative thinkers, and intrepid leaders who seek to devote their resources to tackling some of the core problems facing us today. Brian co-founded Wintergreen Partners in 1991, developing strategic alliances and a global network of people and their … Read More

Dr. Nadia Sabeh , Doctor Greenhouse

Dr. Nadia Sabeh (A.K.A. “Dr. Greenhouse”) is President and Founder of Dr. Greenhouse, Inc., an agricultural and mechanical engineering firm that specializes in the design of HVAC systems for indoor plant environments. Dr. Sabeh first became interested in controlled environment agriculture (CEA) as an undergraduate, while working on a small shiitake and oyster mushroom farm in southern Idaho. For over … Read More

Aaron Pelley, Cultiva Law PLLC

Aaron Pelley has played an active role in Cannabis Law for over a decade. He helped build the foundation for legal protections in medical cannabis law and is a leading advocate for the cannabis business. His passion for this new realm of practice led to the launch of Cultiva and the formation of a boutique law firm unsurpassed in cannabis … Read More

Dr. Venki Pegadaraju, Agribody Technologies

Venki Pegadaraju, Ph.D. is VP of Business Development & Technology at Agribody Technologies, Inc., an agricultural biotechnology company partnering with innovative seed companies.  He was previously Market Development Manager for Agri-genomics at Illumina; Consultant at BMGF (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation); Director of Emerging Markets at Douglas Scientific; and Head of Research at Bio Diagnostics (Eurofins).  At Monsanto, Venki research … Read More

Nona Yehia, Vertical Harvest

Nona is uniquely positioned in the vertical farming sphere as she is at once a practicing Architect, the Co-Founder, part owner, and CEO of a cutting edge greenhouse, Vertical Harvest of Jackson Hole. This combination of skills has cultivated expertise in both the design and implementation of innovative systems and programs that position Vertical Harvest to be a model towards sustainable … Read More

George Carter, Sananbio

A serial entrepreneur in food tech and medicinal cannabis, George Carter now leads marketing and vertical farming technology growth efforts for Sananbio in the US and abroad. A fervent supporter and food system disruptor, George brings his deep passion for community, access, and business to the world of vertical farming and controlled environment agriculture. Through automation and technological innovation, George … Read More

Chris Tosi, Pulse Labs

Chris Tosi is cofounder and visionary at Pulse Labs, an IoT hardware sensor and grow management platform designed specifically for indoor cultivators. Chris has over 10+ years experience cultivating cannabis indoors and is dedicated to using tech to help growers of all skill levels improve consistency and quality in their crops. He developed the companies first sensor after he couldn’t … Read More

James P. Day, Suncrest USA

James P. Day, Founder and CEO of Suncrest USA, Inc., is a brand marketing executive with 35+ years working with Fortune 500 and early-stage firms. Formerly, with Saatchi & Saatchi, a Madison Avenue advertising agency, Day relocated to Silicon Valley where his marketing group launched brands such as Intero® Real Estate and developed National and International campaigns for 100+ companies, … Read More

Zack Olson, Black & Veatch

Zack Olson, P.E. leads the NextGen Agriculture initiative at Black & Veatch, focusing on providing engineering and construction solutions to innovators working in food and agriculture technologies. Zack holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Valparaiso University, with a focus on the design of power systems. He has worked to provide clients with electrical design solutions in process and industrial … Read More

Dr. Mitch Day, American Cannabis Consulting

Dr. Mitch Day is overseeing lab design at American Cannabis Consulting.  He is a scientist with a drive for business. His research career began by developing a plant tissue culture method to solve a problem in genetic research. His research contributions grew on to include work in microbial communities and conservation genomics. Dr. Day entered the cannabis industry by performing … Read More

Andrew Carter, Smallhold

Smallhold is the first Distributed Farming pioneer, placing connected, autonomous Minifarms throughout the Northeast–each capable of growing between 30 and 120 pounds of produce a week in a footprint the size of a refrigerator. They focus on organic mushroom production, growing hyperlocal food in grocery store produce aisles and restaurant dining rooms.

Sam Khoury,Food Industry Expert

Since 2014, Sam Khoury has led Next Stage Partners as President. Next Stage Partners is an Innovation, Investment and Growth Firm focused on identifying and investing in innovative and “complimentary” disruptive Ag, Food & Restaurant companies and technologies. Next Stage partners with people and companies in the food and non-food value chains of the hospitality, national restaurant, retail and grocery … Read More

Dan Plant, MVP Farms

Dan Plant is Co-Founder and Co-President of MVP Farms, an indoor farming company based in Calgary, Alberta. MVP integrates and operates third-party equipment and technology prioritising crop quality, production consistency, and cost minimisation—to be the best possible supplier of fresh, local, leafy greens.  Previously leading commercialisation efforts with energy-tech startups in London and Houston, he started his career with Brookfield—a … Read More

Michael Heaven, Argus Controls

Michael Heaven. ENG, MBA, is Vice President and General Manager of  Argus Controls. With over 20 years’ experience in leadership roles for companies specializing in process control and optimization, Michael has extensive senior leadership experience in the application of measurement and control technologies in a variety of applications including steel, paper, solar cell manufacturing, water coasters, interactive entertainment, vision systems … Read More

Nick Genty, AgEye Technologies

Nick Genty is CEO of AgEye Technologies where he leads a team in pioneering the use of computer vision and deep learning algorithms to optimize the yield, morphology and phytonutrient levels of high-value crops within controlled environment agriculture. Nick previously led Iconic Solutions, an international digital agency that creates AI and IoT applications for global brands and cutting-edge startups.

Andy Moreno, HSG-AME Certified Laboratories

Andy Moreno is the Genetic Detection Systems Engineer for HSG-AME Certified Laboratories.  He has installed, trained on, certified, and supported qRT-PCR technologies and systems for food and human applications. He also designs microbiological test design schemes, implementation programs, and food safety validation for food production and food quality organizations. Click: He is the founder and Host of The AME … Read More