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Farm Tech Society & Brad McNamara have brought together indoor farming entrepreneurs & investors including Artemis, Beta Hatch, Rabobank, Barclays, Equilibrium, Ceres Partners, Infinite Acres, Red Dog Capital, BayWa, AccelR8, Ara Partners,and others. They'll share key insights on the nuances of indoor ag financing across all stages. Don't miss it!


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Crossing The Chasm
Financing Indoor Ag Seed To Scale

Hosted By Brad McNamara & FarmTech Society
12:00 PM - 12:15 PM

Welcome & Program Overview

Brad McNamara & Ian Kanski
Event Hosts

We'll take a few minutes to provide a brief overview of the 2-day program, outlining the format and sessions. The objective for these two days is to provide a definition and shared context for stakeholders in Indoor Agriculture to engage with panelists and discuss the nuances of financing across the various stages.

On Day 1, host Brad McNamara will push for first-hand accounts of each round to pull back the curtain on what it takes to fund an idea and create an investment grade business in CEA.

Each fundraise stage is as much a capital event as it is a milestone for the business. There are not hard and fast rules that say you need to raise multiple rounds of VC. It's important to think about and understand the unique nature of CEA and what types of investors and capital work.

Allison Kopf, CEO, Artemis and Native Co-founders Frank Pica and Sarah Sanders

We will use a first-hand account from Allison Kopf, CEO , Artemis, the market leading enterprise Cultivation Management Platform (CMP), and Frank Pica and Sarah Sanders, Co-Founders of Native,a platform using A.I. to understand consumer preferences, to unpack/answer questions about the seed stage in CEA. During the discussion, Allison will use her perspective as a founder & current seed investor to discuss the evolution of seed in general and CEA.

Moderator, Brad McNamara

Allison Kopf, Founder & CEO, Artemis
Frank Pica, Co-Founder & CEO, Native
Sarah Sanders, Co-Founder & COO, Native

Topics that will be covered include:
--What is “seed” today
--How do investors find (source) investments
--What do investors expect(metrics) at seed – both CEA-specific and in general

Virginia Emery, CEO, Beta Hatch & Investor Louis Kang, AccelR8

During this session, we'll use a first-hand account from the CEO/Founder of a leading insect company and her investor to explore the A stage in CEA. Our speaker will discuss the need to fund 'infrastructure' as a farmer -- the pitfalls, expectations and how she navigates the journey.

Virginia Emery, CEO & Founder, Beta Hatch
Louis Kang, Managing Director, AccelR8

Topics to be covered include:
--What investors expect (metrics) at series A -- CEA-specific and in general
--How expectations change after A
--With a farm built, producing and growing, how to think about additional capital
--How this influences the investment/investors she targets

Panelists include Phil Beauregard, Paul Jordan

Given the nature of Series B stage on the cusp of early stage & growth depending on the situation, we will talk through first-hand accounts of the process, expectations, playbook to raise a series B round, and how that influences your options in the future.

Panelists :
Phil Beauregard, Serial Entrepreneur & Active Angel Investor
Paul Jordan, Vice President, Activate Capital

Topics to be covered:
--The biggest difference between A to B
--What investors expect (metrics) at B -- CEA -specific and in general
--How much founders need to think about additional capital/investors when raising a B

3:45 PM - 4:00 PM

We'll bring everyone together for a final round of questions and answers with our panelists and moderators.

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2 DAYS. 1 LOW PRICE. $49

Don't miss the chance to hear from successful entrepreneurs, investors and others who will give you a crystal clear roadmap to build your own CEA funding strategy-- from seed to scale.

Farm Tech Society
Day 2 Host

2020 was a big year for Controlled Environment Agriculture -- and the next two years are likely to see unprecedented growth and change in the sector. Day 2 of our Indoor Ag-Conversations 'Seed to Scale' event, hosted by FarmTech Society, will focus on the maturing of the industry as CEA 'crosses the chasm' into mainstream adoption.

FarmTech Society leadership will moderate three panel discussions focused on the realities of profitability and scale in different CEA operations, reporting on current trends and innovations in finance and investment for the CEA industry, as well as forecasting on emerging opportunities and funding strategies for companies and new commercial projects.

Leaders from Infinite Acres, Ara Partners, Rabobank, Ceres Partners

Where do we stand today on the risk profile and proof of scalability in CEA operations? What are the most critical decision factors for investors and the public in embracing CEA? Where will we see the most growth in 2021 and beyond?

Moderated by Tisha Livingston, CEO, Infinite Acres and Vice Chair, FarmTech Society .
Panelists include:
Manoj Sahoo,Operating Partner, Ara Partners
Cindy van Rijswick, Global Produce Expert, Rabobank
Andrew Howell,Vice President, Sustainable Food & Agriculture, Ceres Partners

Leaders from Barclays, Equilibrium, Anzu Partners, Horizon11

Trends in financing --separating asset classes, intrastructure and growth funds, SPACs , and new real estate investment strategies. What can we learn from 2020's record-breaking investments into upstream agriculture, CEA and Novel Farming operations?

Moderated by Jed Lynch, Head of Americas, Sustainable & Impact Banking, Barclays Investment Bank
Panelists include:
David Chen, CEO, Equilibrium
Whitney Harings-Smith, Managing Partner, Anzu Partners
Lodewijk Kleijn, Partner, Horizon11

Leaders from FarmTech Society, Private Equity, BayWa Global Produce, Grey Matter Group

A discussion on emerging opportunities for investing in large-scale CEA projects, and on connecting agri-tech to energy policy, economic recovery, and climate. How does CEA position for greater scale as Environmental, Social, and Governance metrics (ESG) become essential to investor decisions?

Moderator: Ian Kanski, Board Chair, FarmTech Society
Panelists include
Eli Aheto, Private Equity Investor
Salah Brahimi, President & CEO, Grey Matter, LLC
Georg Czerny, General Manager, Middle East, BayWa Global Produce

4:00 PM - 4:30 PM

We'll gather the day's panelists together for a final round of Q & A

2 Days. 1 Low Price. $49

Don't miss the chance to hear from successful entrepreneurs, investors and others who will give you a crystal clear roadmap to building your own successful CEA funding strategy-- from seed to scale.