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Surna Cultivation Technologies Adds Architectural Design Services

Indoor Ag-Con 2021 Exhibitor Surna Cultivation Technologies announces the addition of architectural design services to its growing portfolio of product and service offerings.Surna Cultivation Technologies Indoor Ag-Con 2021

Jon Kozlowski, Vice President of Sales for Surna Cultivation Technologies, stated, “The architectural design for a facility is the backbone of the construction project, and effective coordination with engineering teams and providers of cultivation-specific infrastructure for a facility is absolutely crucial to ensuring that the foundational design is accurate. We’re excited to be able to provide these services at the earliest stages of the design, and to coordinate frequently with the other members of the team. This sets our customers up for an on-time, on-budget project, and long-term operational success.”

Surna Cultivation Technologies architectural design services include:

Efficient Design – Surna understands that workflow processes in cultivation facilities are critically important to the bottom line and will work with its customers to deliver a thoughtfully considered plan that addresses every requirement of their business.

• Deep Expertise – Having worked with cultivators all over the world on over 200 commercial cultivation facilities, Surna has a deep understanding of the systems used in cultivation operations and how those systems must be integrated within the building itself.

• Flexibility – From simple floorplan development and schematics, to a fully integrated architectural and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) permit and construction plan set, Surna can help with any or all of a facility’s design needs.

• Long Term Support – From permitting support, to construction administration, to post-construction assistance and future design collaboration, Surna will provide project support for the length of the project.