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MFG Trays For Insect Rearing

MFG Tray Indoor Ag-Con Exhibitor Update — The possibilities are endless with insect rearing, such as mealworm farming. Insects such as mealworms are packed with important nutrients and proteins and are much more environmentally sustainable than other sources. It has become very popular – most used as an alternative animal feed, for wildlife rescues, used in the aquaponics industry and even in human consumption as meals.  MFG Tray Indoor Ag-Con Exhibitor

From home-based farms to commercial production, entomologists at insect rearing facilities all over the world have been using MFG Tray’s durable and dependable trays for over 40 years. MFG Tray has a variety of sizes of trays and containers that are utilized in all life cycles of mealworm and insect farming. MFG trays feature stackable, interlocking designs with drop ends and/or sides to increases air circulation which allows for quicker cooling and growing of the eggs, larva, and pupae.

Indoor Ag-Con Exhibitor MFG Tray for Insect RearingThey are commonly used stacked consecutively with other MFG trays or on an MFG custom dolly for transportation. The trays are constructed of fiberglass composite material and are produced to last in severe and heavy-duty industrial environments yielding a high return on investment. We have seen trays in service for over 15 years in many applications. Trust MFG trays and containers for your farming needs. Customers are encouraged to contact MFG Tray to discuss any unique handling and design requirements.

>> Does not absorb heat and resists development of hot spots as larvae bundle together and move around more
>> Corrosion resistant to high acidic diet and the corresponding waste produced
>> Easily steam cleaned and sterilized
>> Dimensionally consistent – ideal for machine integration and robotic applications
>> Drop ends and/or sides increases air circulation
>> Conforms to FDA Regulation Title 21 CFR 177.2420
>> Interlock stacking increases drying room efficiency
>> Temperature range continuous -60° to 250° F (-51° to 121° C)
>> Won’t bend, dent or deflect under heavy loads
>> Customized options and heavy-duty dollies available

Percival Scientific Plans Expansion

Indoor Ag-Con Exhibitor Percival-Scientific Announces ExpansionIndoor Ag-Con exhibitor Percival Scientific, an innovative global manufacturing company that relocated its headquarters to Perry, Iowa, in 2000, is planning a $3.2 million expansion that will begin in 2021. State and local development leaders commended Percival for its bold economic investment, which will add sustainable job opportunities, help attract new business to the area and continue supporting Perry as a thriving community.

Percival temporarily suspended the expansion due to the economic recession caused by COVID-19 but is now moving forward thanks to the award of two $1 million loans through the USDA and loan partners Minburn Communications and Central Iowa Power Cooperative (CIPCO). The loans are part of $16.8 million that the USDA is investing in 25 projects to create jobs and increase economic opportunities across rural Iowa through the Rural Economic Development Loan and Grant (REDLG) program.

Working Closely

Percival worked closely with Minburn Communications, CIPCO, the Iowa Area Development Group, the City of Perry and Perry Economic Development to apply for the loans, design the building plans and secure additional financial assistance. Perry Economic Development provided a $75,000 grant to help offset land purchase, and the City of Perry is providing tax increment financing.

“This type of expansion and economic development doesn’t happen in a vacuum,” says Tom Burkgren, President of Perry Economic Development. “It’s a tremendous amount of heavy lifting by lots of folks, lots of entities and the company itself.”
Percival Scientific President, Gary Wheelock says the expansion will increase the company’s production space by over 60 percent and add 12 or more employees to the 80 in its current workforce.

“We were extremely excited to learn about the [REDLG] program and that the USDA recognized the value of making this type of financial assistance available to organizations served by rural utilities,” says Wheelock. “Their wisdom in seeing a need to provide a valuable financial resource to companies looking to build or expand is something that every business should appreciate and take full advantage of.”

Perry Mayor, John Andorf celebrates the announcement that Percival can soon begin the building project and credits the collaboration between multiple organizations for making it possible.

“I’m really excited about this expansion and what it means for Perry,” he says. “This is going to result in some good jobs shortly down the road.”

Wheelock thanks The USDA and all the organizations that were instrumental in helping bring the expansion project to fruition.

“We couldn’t be happier with our decision to relocate to Perry in 2000. A lot of the reasons why we moved here are still valid today. [This expansion] speaks to the ongoing commitment by Percival Scientific and our owners to the Perry community, Dallas County and the state of Iowa.”

About Percival Scientific

Percival Scientific was established in 1886 in Des Moines, Iowa, as Percival Manufacturing and grew successful in the sale of refrigerated food display cases. In the early ‘50s, at the request of Iowa State University, the company created the first commercially available plant growth chamber, eventually changing its name to Percival Scientific. Today, Percival designs and manufactures over 100 models of controlled environment chambers for research in the plant and animal sciences. The company’s products are the preferred choice of universities, government research institutions and biotechnology companies in all 50 states and more than 79 countries around the world.

To learn more about Percival Scientific and its large catalog of products, visit