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Bringing Reliability To Indoor Agriculture With Automatic Filtration

Indoor Ag-Con 2022 Exhibitor Boll Filter is bringing proven reliability to Indoor Agriculture in the form automatic filtration.Boll Filter at Indoor Ag-Con 2022

The aquaBoll® and 6.04 are proven in Vertical Farming with over 300 days of maintenance free operation. Filtration rates are available from 10µ-500µ.  Each filter is sized and designed based on the customer’s specifications which gives growers complete control of what’s in their nutrient water.

Common debris to be filtered out includes: grow media, plant debris, metallic fines, and pathogens.

Automatic filtration also eliminates the need for disposable media, helping growers reduce landfill waste and meet sustainability goals.

Boll Filters are manufactured at the headquarters in Germany with global subsidiaries supporting local regions.

To learn more, please reach out to or browse the links below:

aquaBoll® Brochure:

aquaBoll® Flushing Video:

6.04 Brochure: