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Notes From the Field: Evofactor Enhances Microgreens Production

The mighty microgreen has become a chef and consumer darling over the last few years because they’re nutrient dense and pack a flavor punch. Growers looking to get the most out of each tray have a new way to meet demand.

In a field trial with a multi-state, commercial microgreens grower and Indoor Ag-Con 2021 Exhibitor, Verano365, introduced their nutrient adjuvant, Evofactor®. The grower tested the fertilizer enhancer on four different varieties of microgreens to help boost yield per tray.

In basil, red sorrel, cilantro, and mild microgreens, the grower applied 3.5oz of Evofactor for every 1lb of actual Nitrogen to the stock tank. At the conclusion of the trial:

 Basil yield was up 8.3%
 Red Sorrel gained 28.3%
 Mild variety increased 16.9%
 Cilantro put on 13.3% more yield

The growing cycle ranged from nine days for some varieties, up to 21 days for others. Across the board, the product enhanced tray weight.

Herbert Rabalais, president of Verano365 shared, “In working with microgreen producers, we’ve seen excellent results from low use rates of Evofactor. Growers have shared that they’ve noticed better germination rates when using our product on microgreens, producing denser flats, and ultimately seeing trays that weigh more than the trays produced with standard growing practices.”

Evofactor is formulated with Verano365’s OpusMAX®, a carrier that creates supramolecular structures of the active ingredients in fertilizers, ultimately delivering highly concentrated nutrients to the plant.

Rabalais went on to say, “It’s easy for a grower to see a return on investment with Evofactor. If they can produce 8 to 25% more microgreens for pennies per tray, they can quickly do that math to see how the product will help maximize their profit per square foot.”

Evofactor is registered in all 50 states and is available from distribution partners: BFG Supply Co., BWI Companies, and Griffin Greenhouse Supplies.