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Netled’s Vera® Vertical Farming Technology Introduced In S Groups’ Prisma Hypermarkets

Netled's Vera® vertical farming technology introduced in S Groups' Prisma hypermarketsNetled has entered into a significant long-term cooperation agreement with Pirkanmaan Osuuskauppa, a regional operator of the largest commercial chain in Finland, the S Group.  Prisma Pirkkala, which opened at the beginning of December, is the first hypermarket in Finland to launch Netled’s  new Vera® Instore Cabinet inside its new store.

Netled’s Vera® produced herbs and salads will be sold in Prisma hypermarkets in the Pirkanmaa area. Leafy greens are produced within the store in Vera® Instore Premium Growing Cabinets. Herbs are harvested directly off the shelf. The growing conditions are automated and controlled remotely.

S Group is a customer-owned Finnish network of companies in the retail and service sectors, with more than 1 800 outlets in Finland. S Group’s main branches are grocery, consumer goods, hotels and restaurants, fuel trade and bank & services. As a major operator, the S Group’s main focus is also sustainable food, and the new ways it can offer healthy and responsibly produced food for its customers.

”With this newly formed collaboration, we can offer consumers fresh, ultra-locally produced products and at the same time introduce them to vertical farming as a method of ecological, urban farming.” – Ville Jylhä, COO of Pirkanmaan Osuuskauppa.

”We have developed our range of offering for different segments of vertical farming. Instore growing systems is interesting and growing segment and as technology provider we have a lot to offer for it. Co-operation with Pirkanmaan Osuuskauppa proves the viability of instore concept also for our other customers and partners globally.” – Niko Kivioja, CEO of Netled.