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Surna Releases the Cultivator’s Guide to Grow Room Layout & Design

When it comes to designing your grow room layout, the possibilities can feel overwhelming. Where do you begin, and how will you make your design and equipment choices?

The Cultivator’s Guide to Grow Room Layout & Design

Time is money, and grow room layouts will have a direct effect on the quality of your crop, as well as the efficiency of your labor and overall operating costs. Surna has released this free educational resource for you to dive into the key components of a successful grow and to visualize which options make sense for your business.

Gain insight from engineering and design experts. Compare four example layout configurations modeled from a real commercial cultivation client. Find out how your layout might affect the canopy size, space utilization, architectural considerations, lighting requirements, HVACD design needs, and operations planning.

Download your free whitepaper today.

Surna WhitePaper

Helping Growers Bring Their Visions to Life

The success of your indoor farm will largely depend on the decisions you make before breaking ground. Surna Cultivation Technologies provides comprehensive indoor ag services and equipment to suit every unique grower’s needs.

With over 16-years of experience in controlled environment agriculture (CEA), Surna can guide you in creating the cultivation facility you’ve imagined, keeping your budget in mind. Streamline the planning and buildout process, then see your yields and profits grow!

As your one-stop-shop for equipment and services in CEA, Surna provides everything you need to get growing including architectural design, MEP engineering, HVAC systems, benching and racking, lighting, controls and automation, water treatment, and more! Find out how Surna can help bring your cultivation facility to life: watch now.


Meet Surna Cultivation Technologies In-Person at the 2023 Indoor Ag-Con

Are you planning to launch an indoor farm? Are you expanding or optimizing your existing facility? Surna invites you to stop by booth #807 at the 2023 Indoor Ag-Con located in Las Vegas, Nevada. An expert representative will be waiting to discuss your goals and begin evaluating which indoor ag solutions are the best fit for your needs.

Visit to learn more.

XtremeLUX and Triple Ring Technologies Announce Collaborative Solution to the Biggest Problems Hampering Indoor Ag

Advanced spectrally-controlled lighting and biotech will combine to push indoor agriculture past the goal of economic sustainability.


XtremeLUX, a designer and supplier of advanced lighting systems for indoor farming, and Triple Ring Technologies, a co-development firm that helps innovators and entrepreneurs develop science-based technologies for a broad range of markets, will introduce at the Indoor Ag-Con Conference on Feb 28 in Las Vegas, an advanced solution for optimizing energy usage and for helping growers to creatively solve their biggest biotechnical problems. The heart of the technology is the customization of spectral inputs to the particular species and lifecycle stage of the plant; dramatically reducing energy usage, improving yield and quality, and enabling industry-sustaining economic benefits. Extreme spectrum control and integrated sensors provide extra tools for attacking pathogens, repelling bugs, detecting malnourishment, and solving many other problems.

Silicon Valley-based Triple Ring Technologies, is pleased to support XtremeLUX, including the exhibition of their technology at Indoor Ag-Con. “Triple Ring is excited about the potential for the XtremeLUX system and advanced spectral control to support the scaling of vertical farming,” said Joe Weber, Vice President for Strategic Markets at Triple Ring. “Our experience developing technology and products involving photonics, sensors, and complex systems in a broad range of markets including in the ag tech world have positioned us well to support startups such as XtremeLUX.” he continued.

“XtremeLUX is very thrilled to be exhibiting our fourth generation of products at Indoor Ag-Con this year. As we grow our partnerships in the vertical farming space and advance our product line, we are looking forward to enhancing the role of CEA in global agriculture.” said Chiamin Cheng, CEO of XtremeLUX.

About XtremeLUX

Founded in 2011, XtremeLUX has developed an innovative system of controlled lighting for the vertical farming and cannabis industries.  Based on their adaptive spectrum control capability, their systems have been adopted to great benefit by large-scale leafy green and cannabis growers and by researchers. XtremeLUX’s open lighting control interface is designed to be interoperable with industry-standard communication protocols, including Modbus, MQTT, and USB-to-I2C, for easy integration with previously installed climate control, power management, fertigation, and other systems.

About Triple Ring Technologies

Triple Ring Technologies is a co-development company headquartered in Silicon Valley, with offices in Boston, Toronto, and Copenhagen. They partner with clients in medtech, life sciences, and sustainability & the environment to create new technologies, launch innovative projects, and start new ventures. Their capabilities span early R&D, product development, manufacturing, regulatory approval, market access, strategic investment, and incubation. For more information, please visit

Contact for XtremeLUX:  Chiamin Cheng,  Contact for Triple Ring Technologies:  Tracy Li,