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Ceres SunChamber™ vs. Indoor

Ceres SunChamber™ Vs. Indoor: Equipment and Design Scope of Work

There is a lot that goes into the development of a new commercial ag facility. Even after you’ve figured out how to fund your project, finalizing a facility design, sourcing equipment, and then building it can be a long and burdensome process.

But it doesn’t have to be. At Ceres, we are a one-stop shop that believes in a whole system solution. Meaning when you decide on a Ceres SunChamber™ (our sealed greenhouse design), the majority of the scope of work to get your operation up and running is handled by our dedicated team. This includes design and engineering, cultivation system integration, equipment sourcing and construction oversight. Not only does this holistic approach save you time and money, it also removes obstacles from the path to the success of your operation.

To fully demonstrate what we mean when we say we handle most of the project scope, we’ve put together a graphic that compares the design and equipment scope of an indoor grow and a Ceres SunChamber™. As you can see, to get an indoor operation up and running you would potentially need to employ 14 different roles. This requires a lot of time and energy to find different engineers, designers, manufacturers and specialists and then manage communication between these roles so the project is completed efficiently and without pitfalls.

When you sign on with Ceres, we do all the design and MEP engineering of your facility and we handle the sourcing of your materials and greenhouse systems from our established network of equipment providers. You’re benefiting from a proven system that produces high-performing growing environments.

Visit Ceres in booth 3009 at Indoor Ag-Con, Octobe 4-5, 2021 at the Hilton Orlando to learn more!