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Klasmann-Deilmann: The Magic of Innovation

Klasmann-Deilmann will showcase its latest introductions in booth 812 during the March 11-12, 2024 edition of Indoor Ag-Con. The focus will be on the presentation of a genuine innovation for modern horticulture: Nygaia. Nygaia is a substrate based on biopolymer technology that is biodegradable and is particularly suitable for use in hydroponic systems.

Under the theme “The magic of innovation,” the completely newly developed product will be presented to a wide audience. In addition to theoretical information – which will be communicated at the trade fair booth – the product will also be brought to life for trade fair visitors on site.

Be it with test kits, which will be distributed to interested guests at the booth. Or with the appearance of Rob Anderson. The magician has been seen on Good Morning America, Today, and Comedy Central performing his impressive feats of sleight-of-hand and mind-reading. Rob will be making an appearance during Ag-Con exclusively at the Klasmann-Deilmann booth and during the welcome cocktail reception on the expo floor.

And when even the President of MTV Networks says about Rob ” … I know how rare it is to come upon a talent like him.”, this live event is definitely not to be missed. The special performance is scheduled for March 11 , 2024 from 5:15 to 5:45 pm in the Expo Theater on the show floor during the opening day cocktail reception.

About Nygaia 

Nygaia is the substrate solution of the future that will soon be able to completely replace conventional substrates, e.g. in the cultivation of leafy vegetables in hydroponics and vertical cultivation systems. The innovative substrate fibre consists of 60% natural, bio-based raw materials and is completely biodegradable.


This means it produces neither waste nor microplastics. The Nygaia substrate fibre for hydroponics is inert, salt-free and provides a perfect water retention capacity. It also offers very good air capacity, which optimally supports healthy root growth of plants. Nygaia is a product development of the close collaboration of Klasmann-Deilmann and Maan Biobased Products.

Innovation in plant propagation: The GROWCOON

In addition to Nygaia, Klasmann-Deilmann will also showcase Growcoon, a fully biodegradable propagation plug based on polymer technology with a stable but flexible open net structure. It forms a stable root ball when used in combination with a high-quality seedling substrate. Therefore, Growcoon is the optimal system for all types of propagation methods such as sowing, rooting of cuttings, grafting but proves to be particularly effective in vertical farming and hydroponic systems.
The Growcoon is available in many different standard sizes and suitable for all common tray sizes and can be used in all established propagation systems and with different trays and any loose fill substrate. Moreover, Growcoon is a solution for pot-free cultivation, which can significantly reduce the use of plastic. For this, Growcoon is also available in larger dimensions and suitable for growing bedding plants, perennials, or pot herbs in small pots. Growcoon is a product developed within the close collaboration of Klasmann-Deilmann and Maan Biobased Products.

About Klasmann-Deilmann

Klasmann-Deilmann is the leading corporate group in the international substrate industry, with numerous sales and production companies in Europe, Asia and America, and a network of sales and production partners on every continent. Our growing media provide worldwide a vital basis for the growth of soft fruit, vegetables, edible mushrooms, herbs, ornamental plants, trees and shrubs. They help ensure the success of our partners and customers in the commercial horticulture sector and are an integral part of the food sector value chain.

The strategic focus of our company, a medium-sized family business, is extremely forward-looking. Keen to remain the most successful and sustainable producer of growing media, we are single-mindedly building on the lead we have in the development and use of renewable resources, ground-breaking substrate blends and innovative solutions for commercial horticulture. Our ADVANCED substrates as well as Growcoon, Nygaia and the Growbag ADVANCED are the latest examples of our sustainable, innovative growing solutions.

Learn more about Klassmann-Deilmann.


From Strawberry Roots To Berry Innovation: Nourse Farms CEO Shares Insights On Expansion, New Opportunities

From its beginnings as a local strawberry nursery in 1932, Nourse Farms has evolved into an internationally recognized soft fruit nursery. Indoor Ag-Con is pleased to have Nourse Farms as an exhibitor for our March 11-12, 2024 edition in Las Vegas. We had the opportunity to catch up with CEO John Place to learn more about the company’s rich history, exciting expansion plans, state-of-the-art tissue culture labs and greenhouses in this month’s CEA Q&A. Read on to learn how this industry leader is not only adapting to changing market dynamics but also shaping them, as Nourse Farms positions itself to meet the evolving needs of berry growers worldwide, especially in the controlled environment agriculture sector.

Nourse Farms has a rich history dating back over 90 years.  Can you share some key milestones in the company’s journey and how these have shaped its commitment to innovation and quality?

Aerial Photo Nourse Farms Whately, MA location
Aerial photo of Nourse Farms Whatley, Massaschusetts location

With Nourse Farms being around for almost a century, we’re fortunate to have a number of milestones that emphasize our commitment to innovation and delivering quality. Some highlights include:

  • 1932: The farm was established as a strawberry plant nursery
  • 1978: Raspberry plants added to the product mix
  • 1980: The first tissue culture lab built
  • 1982: Customized cooling facility built, allowing for storage of dormant, bare root plants
  • 2003: Blackberry plants added to the product mix
  • 2019: The first commercial planting of tray plants (strawberries) and long canes (brambles)
  • 2020-2022: The continued expansion of tray plants and long canes
  • Present: A major expansion of our lab, greenhouses, and growing facilities that is intended to not only increase our footprint, but also amplify our commitment to innovation, as we will be using cutting-edge technologies to help us grow the cleanest, highest quality plants possible.

The recent announcement about your expansion plans and partnership with an investment firm are exciting and significant developments for Nourse Farms. Could you elaborate on the strategic goals behind the expansion and how it positions the company to meet the evolving needs of berry growers worldwide, especially in the CEA sector?

Nourse Farms Mills River, North Carolina location
Nourse Farms Mills River, North Carolina location

Nourse Farms has focused on delivering the highest quality plants and exceptional customer service to the berry industry for decades. We are sitting at a pivotal point in North American berry farming where consumer demand is growing alongside new production techniques that are game-changers to the industry. Our goal is to secure our position as the market leader in berry plant propagation in North America. With that in mind, we are making a significant investment in our growing facilities in multiple locations to grow the highest quality plants for our customers.

We will now be growing in three distinct climates (Massachusetts, Washington, and North Carolina) so that the variety selection and plant type we have for our customers is grown in the best climate for its purpose. The new tissue culture lab, greenhouses, tray fields, trellis fields, and cold storage are all a part of our process and are included in the upgrades we are making. We believe these strategic investments will position us to scale quickly and efficiently to meet the changing needs of the market.

With the upcoming modern tissue culture lab and greenhouses in Massachusetts and North Carolina, how do you envision these facilities enhancing Nourse Farms’ ability to innovate and provide top-quality plants to your customers? Are there specific technologies or practices you’re excited to incorporate?

Tissue culture and micropropagation have been a cornerstone of Nourse Farms since we built our first lab in 1980. We use these techniques to grow our clean foundation mother plants, from which we propagate. With our ability to do in-house virus indexing and eliminate thru heat treatment, we can ensure our mother plants are of the highest quality. This new lab is actually our fourth lab to be built and will give us not only significant production capacity beyond our current lab but will also incorporate automation throughout the facility to aid in producing consistent, efficient, predictable results.

You’ve mentioned that you believe the future of berry production will increasingly demand substrate-grown plants. Can you provide some insights into the advantages and innovations in your substrate production process that make this approach so promising?

Nourse Farms long canes
Nourse Farms long canes

Over the last several years, we have been growing tray plants (strawberries) and long canes (brambles). We have learned a lot regarding growing systems, proper fertigation, timing of planting, and other important details to produce a plant that is fit for purpose for our customers. With this experience, we are now positioned to strategically scale this part of our operation to meet the growing demands of the industry and ensure that our customers will receive the high-quality plants they expect from us.

Now that we are growing in multiple climates, various plant types and varieties can grow in the optimal conditions that they require.

Variety development also plays a key role in the innovations that we are preparing for the market. We have been working with berry breeders around the world for decades in an effort to identify, import, trial, and then scale the best genetics for our customers.

As Nourse Farms continues to expand and innovate, what do you see as the most significant trends or opportunities in the controlled environment agriculture industry, and how is the company positioned to take advantage of these trends?

Berry consumers are demanding not only more berries but also higher quality berries. The strategic steps Nourse Farms is taking are a direct result of our response to the fact that berry production is moving from traditional outdoor growing areas towards indoor facilities near population centers. High-tech glasshouses and indoor vertical growing facilities require a plant type grown specifically for these high-capacity facilities to generate the return on investment that is required.

This is where the opportunity is for upstream suppliers like us. Our plants are grown specifically to meet this demand and give our customers the returns they need for their investments. The more growing we do—both of our plants and of our business—the more success for our customers.

For more information on Nourse Farms, visit the company website.
And, be sure to visit them in booth 317 at Indoor Ag-Con from March 11-12, 2024 at Caesars Forum in Las Vegas!

Modern Horticulture Technology Boosts Sustainably Grown Heritage Greens 

HydroFarmAs more consumers take an interest in the origin and sustainability of their food, they seek out agricultural companies dedicated to responsible and socially sustainable farming. 

Allwell GreensAllWell Greens is that company. Founded in New York by second-generation Taiwanese Americans, AllWell Greens specializes in growing heritage bok choy, Chinese broccoli, and other traditional Asian greens. The founders of AllWell Greens, spurred by their frustration with issues they experienced using traditional farming methods, spent two years researching, developing and testing farming methods in a 200 square foot indoor facility in downtown Manhattan.

It is in this urban setting that the AllWell Greens founders discovered that one of the main components of their sustainable farming success is the PHOTOBIO LED horticultural lighting system from Innovative Growers Equipment (IGE) Hydrofarm Commercial Division. PHOTOBIO is part of the IGE-Hydrofarm Commercial Division family of products, a company that specializes in commercial growing equipment such as grow lights, vertical grow racks, benches, air flow systems, and other products to support commercial grows from seed to harvest.

HydroFarmIGE-Hydrofarm Commercial Division offers a modular, high-efficiency LED lighting system designed for propagation and vegetative stages, especially for vertical grows. After four separate lighting trials, the AllWell Greens’ founders were thrilled with the results of the PHOTOBIO horticulture lights. Their greens were crisp, flavorful, and disease-free, and they were able to harvest two days faster than in any previous trial! 

Impressed and confident with their results using PHOTOBIO LED lights, AllGreens’ founders took the next step of investing in a 5,000 square foot growing facility in the heart of Queens, NY. This space will allow AllWell Greens to scale up their agricultural operations and bring their heritage greens to market.

This new AllWell Greens facility is equipped with over 1500 PHOTOBIO lights on vertical grow racks. The PHOTOBIO lighting system exposes the crops to the perfect amount of light needed to optimize photosynthesis, resulting in higher-quality greens.

The PHOTOBIO lights are a game-changer for AllWell Greens. “We always knew that light was an important factor in growing greens, but I don’t think we anticipated the impact it would have on grow time and ultimately profitability,” explains John Cari, one of the company’s founders. “The PHOTOBIO lighting is so precise that we reduced our grow time by two days, improved our yields and significantly reduced our energy costs.”

Chris Mayer for IGE – Hydrofarm Commercial Division expressed “We are proud to partner with AllWell Greens on this project. Their dedication to sustainability and responsibility is inspiring, and we are honored to be a part of their journey. We look forward to continuing our partnership and supporting them in their efforts to revolutionize the Asian produce industry.”

Visit the Hydrofarm booth at the upcoming February 27-28, 2023 edition of Indoor Ag-Con in booth 707 and more about IGE-Hydrofarm Commercial Division here.

Quick Plug: How BioStrate® Can Help With Your Growing Needs?

BioStrate® from Quick Plug: Biobased Propagation Felt continues to be a Premier food safe growing textile for Commercial Microgreen Growers and Hobbyist alike. Manufactured with 100% Biobased fibers, the BioStrate® Felt provides the optimal environment for dense healthy root development with efficient air and water management.

And after the microgreens are harvested, the BioStrate® 185gsm is certified industrial compostable allowing for sustainable environmental stewardship. With more than 10 million square feet delivered, the BioStrate® Felt is aconsistent media providing ongoing reliable benefits that growers trust.

The patented Hamama® Grow Kit and Seed Quilts® are innovations that incorporate the BioStrate® Felt and makes microgreen and micro herb production success super easy. The Hamama® Grow Kit with pre packaged,fully contained Seed Quilts® allows for the microgreens to be grown clean and safe without using unwanted soils,pesticides or fertilizers. Even for those without a “green thumb,”the grower simply has to add water to the tray and Seed Quilts® andthe seed germination begins! With 10 exciting microgreen varieties ,it is a fun way to eat healthy and fresh superfoods.


The BioStrate®: Biobased Propagation Felt was developed and is manufactured by Quick Plug in North America. At Quick Plug, we pride ourselves on finding solutions through close collaboration with the grower.
We design and manufacture stabilized growing media and specialized substrates for most any crop and culture practices.

Quick Plug growing media products are designed to reduce labor, boost root development and increase germination rates.

To learn more about the BioStrate,® microgreens and the Hamama® Grow Kit and Seed Quilts® please visit these websites: or