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Indoor Ag-Con October Webinar Schedule


Indoor Ag-Conversations Webinar(September 28, 2020) Indoor Ag-Con October Webinar Schedule Announced:  What do space farming, greenhouse simplicity and triple bottom line farms have in common?  Each topic is part of the Indoor Ag-Conversations free webinar series schedule for October 2020.  Produced Indoor Ag-Con, LLC,  programs include:

This program is presented by the Association for Vertical Farming.  Over the decades there has been both the evolution and transformation of biologically-based life support innovations that have now been adopted — and are being improved upon — in today’s burgeoning global vertical farming industry.

In addition, the emergence of Industry 4.0 innovations from data analytics to automation to AI is certainly enabling and helping launch vertical farms into their exponential advancements.

And all these set the stage for synergistic public-private partnerships going forward for the successful implementation of biologically-based life support systems for long-duration manned missions on the Moon and on Mars — and all their powerful innovation multiplier effects extended further for application in the terrestrial vertical farming industry.

Our panel will be delving into the various aspects of such brave and exciting scenarios, both present and future.

What’s more, the Indoor Ag-Con October Webinar Schedule also includes:

Dr. Joel Cuello, Professor of Biosystems Engineering at The University of Arizona and Vice Chair of the Association for Vertical Farming

Dr. David Bubenheim, Senior Research Scientist,  NASA Ames Research Center
Ralph Fritsche  NASA Space Crop Production Project Manager
Dr. Gary Stutte, President, SyNRGE

What is the number one thing to look for in commercial horticulture and agriculture equipment? Simplicity.

So wrote our program moderator Chris Higgins in a piece he did earlier this year for UrbanAgNews that is both the title of this session and the topic we’ll be diving into during this hour.

Regardless of the product or the product category the best-selling and most successfully used products are easy to learn, easy to use and easy to fix. This is not to say that they are actually simple. They are usually far from that. But, they are engineered with simplicity in mind.

Why is that so important in commercial horticulture? Chris and our panelists will seek to answer this question during the session. They’ll explore why its so important for key equipment components to be simple and discuss what characteristics to look for in:

And More!

Chris Higgins, President & General Manager, Hort Americas LLC & Owner, UrbanAgNews

Paul Brentlinger, President, Crop King Inc.
Dr. Nadia Sabeh, President & Founder, Dr. Greenhouse
Isaac Van Geest, Sales, Zwart Systems

During this insightful program, our panel will cover:

The concept of the Triple Bottom Line: People, Planet and Profits

• B-Certification process and reporting
• Contributions indoor farms can make according to the Triple Bottom Line
• Lessons learned from sustainable indoor farms that apply to all forms of indoor farming
• And more!

The Indoor Ag-Con October Webinar Schedule will also feature a program hosted by the Center of Excellence for Indoor Agriculture.

Eric W. Stein, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Center of Excellence for Indoor Agriculture and Associate Professor of Business at Penn State

• Dave Nichols, Director of Strategy, AppHarvest
• Alexander Rudnicki, Senior Project Manager/Plant Manager, Aerofarms

Indoor Ag-Con LLC created the new Indoor Ag-Conversations series to share content originally planned for its May 2020 in-person annual conference that was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.   To learn more about this session, as well as other upcoming programs on the schedule, visit

Founded in 2013, Indoor Ag-Con has emerged as the premier trade event for vertical farming | indoor agriculture, the practice of growing crops in indoor systems, using hydroponic, aquaponic and aeroponic techniques. Its events are crop-agnostic and touch all sectors of the business, covering produce, legal cannabis |hemp, alternate protein and non-food crops. In December 2018, three event industry professionals – Nancy Hallberg, Kris Sieradzki and Brian Sullivan – acquired Indoor Ag-Con LLC , so setting the stage for further expansion of the events globally. More information: