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The Center of Excellence for Indoor Agriculture Announces New Training and Development Consulting Service

The Center of Excellence for Indoor Agriculture, a U.S. based company that supports the growth of the vertical and indoor farming industry, announced a new human performance and training advisory service headed by Dr. Pam Loughner, a training and workforce development specialist.

The new service focuses on training personnel who work in indoor vertical farms, greenhouses, and urban farms. Services include assessment of training needs and priorities, development of organization training and education plans, development and implementation of training programs, review and selection of training materials, and design of online training. More info is available at

Eric W. Stein, Ph.D., founder and Executive Director of the Center of Excellence notes, “Having a highly trained and motivated workforce is the backbone of any business and is a critical success factor for indoor farms. Well trained associates have confidence, experience more meaning in their job roles, ensure safety, and enable operations excellence. The Center is proud to offer this service to the industry under the direction of Dr. Loughner.”

Dr. Loughner observes, “Employees who receive training are more productive, require less supervision, are more satisfied in their work, and can take on greater responsibilities. They feel valued and become a true asset to the organization. I am excited to join the Center to help indoor farmers prepare their employees for success, and in turn, help their farms become more successful.”

About The Center:
The Center of Excellence for Indoor Agriculture provides business expertise and analytical advisory services to investors, entrepreneurs, industry partners, and community organizers to de-risk the process of building sustainable and profitable indoor vertical farms and greenhouses. Services include strategy, due diligence, economic and technical feasibility analysis, market research and analysis, operations assessment, sustainable methods, training and development. As the first U.S.-based Center of Excellence dedicated to indoor farming, it promotes best practices, benchmarking, and research. The Center is located in the Philadelphia metro region.

About Pam Loughner, Ph.D.
Dr. Loughner has more than twenty years of experience in the field of workplace learning and performance. She has been responsible for the design and development of more than 500 custom learning solutions. Industries include pharmaceuticals, information technology, energy, manufacturing, construction, chemical, and financial services. Her expertise includes curriculum design, instructional design and development, and program evaluation. Dr. Loughner earned a B.S. in Education, and M.Ed. and Ph.D. degrees in Instructional Systems from The Pennsylvania State University.