Tobias Peggs, Square Roots

Tobias Peggs Square Roots At Indoor Ag-Con 2021

Indoor Ag-Con 2021 Speaker Tobias Peggs  is co-founder and CEO of Square Roots. Square Roots is a leader in urban indoor farming. Their scalable farm-tech platform brings fresh, healthy food to urban areas year-round. With three production farms in Brooklyn NY, and Grand Rapids, MI (with more to come in 2021!) Square Roots has a mission to bring local, real food to people in cities across the world while empowering the next generation of leaders in urban farming.

Previously, Tobias was CEO at Aviary—a mobile photo editing companySquare Roots At Indoor Ag-Con 2020 acquired by Adobe, as well as OneRiot—a social media analytics company acquired by Walmart.

Tobias grew up in England and earned a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from Cardiff University. He is currently a Techstars mentor, competitive triathlete, and snowboarder.

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