Trent, Thiel, Camfil Americas

Trent Thiel Camfil Indoor Ag-Conversations

Indoor Ag-Conversations panelist Trent Thiel, Camfil Americas,  received his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from North Carolina State University.

He currently resides in the Bay Area of California and for the past seven years has been employed by Camfil, a $1B+ global company dedicated to the research and development of in Clean Air Filter Solutions for commercial and industrial applications. Currently he is the Industrial Molecular Filtration Product Manager for North and South America. He is responsible for maintaining and developing a product portfolio to address toxic, corrosive, irritant,  odorous gaseous contaminants in industrial markets.

Trent has been involved with the cannabis industry since 2014. He also has established himself as an expert in air quality for indoor grow, processing, extraction and dispensary spaces.

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