Walk-In Rooms Customized For Indoor Farming Success

Indoor Ag-Con 2021 Exhibitor News From Percival Scientific

Indoor Ag-Con 2021 Exhibitor Percival Scientific offers a line of customizable walk-in solutions designed to help meet the challenges of indoor farming and put operations on a path of profitability and long-term success.

Initial Investment That Leaves More Room for Profit

The cost of an operation’s initial investment can make the difference between a sustainable future and one that’s not. Many start-ups make the mistake of investing in overpriced grow rooms at a cost that pushes ROI too far down the road.  Percival Scientific builds custom build high-quality, high-performance walk-in rooms at a reasonable price. This gives producers the most value for their investment.

Energy Efficient LED Lighting

Percival’s walk-in rooms use proprietary SciWhite® and SciBrite® dimmable LEDs that run on low energy while providing precise control of light intensity. They also emit very little heat, which prevents interference with temperature and humidity control. This helps the entire walk-in room control system use less energy overall.

Advanced Control Over Crop Characteristics

Percival Scientific  can customize any of our walk-in rooms with up to seven SciBrite LED colors, allowing growers to create and fine-tune a multitude of spectrums. This, along with its state-of-the-art control system technology, gives producers advanced control of growing parameters to bring out the best characteristics in their crops.

Experts in the Art of Custom Design

Percival Scientific’s walk-in solutions can be tailored to work together with AI or automated technology. They can also accommodate irrigation equipment, and optimize any process used in an indoor farming operation. The company builds itswalk-in units in various sizes and configures them to fit the unique space of any facility.

Ideal for Production or R&D

Not only are Percival Scientific walk-in rooms ideal in a production setting, but they can accelerate R&D efforts so you can quickly begin growing crops under optimal conditions. And most importantly, you’ll get the results you want from products known for their highly accurate, long-lasting, reliable performance.

To learn more about Percival’s line of walk-in rooms, call 800.695.2743 for a free consultation or visit percival-scientific.com. Find out how Percival can help turn any indoor farming vision into a long-term success.