Zain Shauk, Dream Harvest Farming Company

Zain Shauk Dream Harvest Farming 2021 Speaker Indoor Ag-Con

Indoor Ag-Con Speaker Zain Shauk is Co-Founder & CEO of Dream Harvest Farming Company.

Dream Harvest is a vertical farming company that grows 400x+ the produce of an outdoor farm using 95% less water and no pesticides (not even organic pesticides). The company farms locally, delivering extremely fresh and flavorful produce that inspires healthier eating and reduces food spoilage, cuts transportation emissions and provides great shelf life.

Dream Harvest Farming Company currently supplies 46 grocery stores in four states out of just 2,500 square feet and our expanded 5,000 square foot farm will hit more than 100 stores in 2021! That’s extreme efficiency out of a super small space. #poundforpound