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December 12, 2023 | 2:30 -3:30 PM ET – |  Thriving During Tough Economic Times In Controlled Environment Agriculture

Gain valuable insights into strategies for not just surviving, but thriving in the face of today’s economic challenges in the controlled environment agriculture (CEA) marketplace.

Our panelists will share practical insights and proven approaches to navigate tough economic climates. Whether you’re involved in development, operations, or supply chain management, this webinar will equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to bolster your controlled environment agriculture business. You’ll gain valuable perspectives and actionable insights that can make a significant impact on your operations and bottom line.

Kyle Barnett, Key Account Manager, Philips Horticulture LED Solutions

Daniel Plant, President, Plant Dynamics
Daniel Ovadya, Co-Founder & CEO, FloraGen LLC
Eric Highfield, Founder, High Yield Horticulture

August 9, 2023  | 2:30 -3:30 PM ET – |  Aquaponics: Industry, Research and Educational Initiatives

Aquaponics: Industry, Research and Educational Initiatives

Hosted by The Aquaponics Association leadership, this session will provide an industry overview as well as research and educational initiatives that are currently happening within the aquaponics field. You’ll also learn about the mission of The Aquaponics Association.


Josh Dusci, Executive Director, The Aquaponics Association

Dr. Julie Flegal-Smallwood, Chair – The Aquaponics Association; Director of Institutional Development/NASNTI STEM Grant – Redlands Community College

Dr. Paul Brown, Director of Research, The Aquaponics Association; Professor of Aquaculture and Aquaponics – Purdue University

Molly Stanek, Director of Education/STEM – The Aquaponics Association;  Founder and Principal, EcoAgTech


June 6, 2023 | 2:30 -3:30 PM ET – | How To Design Effective Training For Indoor Farms

How To Design Effective Training For Indoor Farms

As the controlled environment agriculture industry continues to grow and evolve, the need for skilled and well-trained professionals is more important AND more challenging than ever.  This webinar will provide an in-depth exploration of how to design and implement effective training programs for indoor farm employees.

During the discussion, leaders from the Center of Excellence For Indoor Agriculture
–Provide an overview of the training concept and its benefits, both for individuals and organizations
–Highlight specific challenges posed by modern indoor farms
–Introduce a comprehensive training model based on design thinking

The session will conclude with actionable takeaways and next steps, equipping you with the tools and resources to design and implement training programs tailored to your specific organizational needs. Bring your questions for this insightful session!

Eric Stein, Ph.D., Founder & Executive Director, Center of Excellence For Indoor Farming

Pamela Loughner, Ph.D., Director of Training and Education, Center of Excellence For Indoor Farming