Indoor and vertical farming sponsors and partners for Indoor Ag-Con and Indoor Ag-Conversations include leading publications, associations, companies and other thought leaders

Special thanks to our fabulous Indoor Ag Con Las Vegas AND Indoor Ag-Conversations sponsors and partners, media and marketing allies

As the premier event dedicated to the burgeoning indoor agriculture industry -growing crops in hydroponic, aquaponic and aeroponic systems in warehouses, greenhouses and containers – Indoor Ag-Con Las Vegas and Indoor Ag-Conversations Webinar Sponsors and partners include leading publications, associations, companies and other thought leaders.

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Indoor & Vertical Farming Media, Marketing Allies & Industry Supporters
Crop King


Association For Vertical Farming at Indoor Ag-Con
Aquaponics Association At Indoor Ag-Con
AgritechTomorrow At indoor Ag-Con
Agritecture To Present Indoor Ag-Conversations Webinar
Aquaculture Taiwan at Indoor Ag-Con
Asia Agri-Tech At Indoor Ag-Con
Better Food Ventures and The Mixing Bowl At Indoor Ag-Con
Biosphere2 at Indoor Ag-Con
COE For Indoor Agriculture at Indoor Ag-Con
CEA Food Safety Coalition At Indoor Ag-Con
FarmTech Society at Indoor Ag-Con
Glase at Indoor Ag-Con
Greenhouse Grower at Indoor Ag-Con
Greenhouse Management At Indoor Ag-Con
Hemp Industry Association Indoor Ag-Con Industry Ally
HortiDaily at Indoor Ag-Con
ICSC Indoor Ag-Con Industry Supporter
iGrow at Indoor Ag-con
Joe Produce at indoor Ag-Con
MMJDaily at Indoor Ag-Con
Plant Based Foods Association and Indoor Ag-Con
Produce Grower at Indoor Ag-con
StartUp City at Indoor Ag-Con
United Fresh At Indoor Ag-Con
Urban Ag News At Indoor Ag-Con
Western Growers At Indoor Ag-Con