Indoor and vertical farming sponsors and partners for Indoor Ag-Con include leading publications, associations, companies and other thought leaders

Special thanks to our fabulous Indoor Ag Con Las Vegas sponsors and partners, media and marketing allies

As the premier event dedicated to the burgeoning indoor agriculture industry -growing crops in hydroponic, aquaponic and aeroponic systems in warehouses, greenhouses and containers – Indoor Ag-Con 2020 Las Vegas Sponsors and partners include leading publications, associations, companies and other thought leaders.

Special thanks to our ever-growing list of Sponsors, Media & Marketing Allies!


Indoor & Vertical Farming Media, Marketing Allies & Industry Supporters
Crop King


Association For Vertical Farming at Indoor Ag-Con
Aquaponics Association At Indoor Ag-Con
AgritechTomorrow At indoor Ag-Con
Agritecture To Present Indoor Ag-Conversations Webinar
Aquaculture Taiwan at Indoor Ag-Con
Asia Agri-Tech At Indoor Ag-Con
Better Food Ventures and The Mixing Bowl At Indoor Ag-Con
Biosphere2 at Indoor Ag-Con
COE For Indoor Agriculture at Indoor Ag-Con
CEA Food Safety Coalition At Indoor Ag-Con
FarmTech Society at Indoor Ag-Con
Glase at Indoor Ag-Con
Greenhouse Grower at Indoor Ag-Con
Greenhouse Management At Indoor Ag-Con
HortiDaily at Indoor Ag-Con
iGrow at Indoor Ag-con
Joe Produce at indoor Ag-Con
MMJDaily at Indoor Ag-Con
Produce Grower at Indoor Ag-con
StartUp City at Indoor Ag-Con
United Fresh At Indoor Ag-Con
Urban Ag News At Indoor Ag-Con
Western Growers At Indoor Ag-Con