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CEA Food Safety Spotlight: What To Do If You Need To Issue A Recall

No one wants to think about having to issue a recall, but thinking about it ahead of time is key to being prepared to handle a recall appropriately. The FDA issued an Industry Guide for Recalls which provides step-by-step instructions.

First, submit the relevant information to the FDA. This should include:

  • product information: includes product and packaging description (image if available),  and labeling information
  • code information: such as lot numbers or UPC codes
  • recalling company information: company name, address, and contact person information
  • reason for the recall: including how the issue was detected, how the product fails to meet specifications, and any complaints associated with the product
  • health hazard assessment
  • volume of recalled product: including quantity and dates of distribution
  • distribution pattern
  • recall strategy

Second, issue a recall notice to direct account consignees. The FDA provides detailed guidance on how to do this. Be sure to notify your certification body as they will be an ally for you throughout the recall process.

Finally, don’t forget to perform an evaluation of your recall efforts once it is complete.

Although no one wants to test these procedures, it is vital that they are effective when it matters. Evaluating the effectiveness of your recall efforts and making the appropriate adjustments is necessary in the unfortunate case they may ever be needed again.


About Kellie Worrell
Kellie Worrell has an extensive background in Agriculture and Food Safety. She has written several accurate ag children’s books, including the Virginia Ag In the Classroom Book of the Year. She has served as Food Safety Officers for farms with a wide variety of fresh vegetables, and is currently the GLOBALG.A.P. Scheme Manager at Ceres Certifications, International (CCI). CCI offers a wide range of food safety certifications. For more information visit



About Ceres Certifications, International
Ceres Certifications, International (CCI) has been serving the produce industry since 2021. CCI offers a wide variety of 3rd party food safety certifications, including both GFSI-benchmarked standards and more basic audits. Connect with its experienced Scheme Managers to discuss the extensive CCI offerings, including GLOBALG.A.P. IFA, HPSS, PHA, localg.a.p., a variety of GG add-ons, PrimusGFS, PrimusStandard, SQF, and more. Learn more.

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