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Grow-tec Indoor Vegetables

Grow-tec To Showcase Cutting-Edge Indoor Vertical Farming Technology For High-Value Crops At Indoor Ag-Con | Booth 1413

Grow-tecGrow-tec is at the forefront in the development of advanced technological solutions for fully indoor Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA). The company has developed a world-first cutting edge indoor vertical farming technology designed for high-value crops like tomatoes, cucumbers, and sweet bite peppers. This groundbreaking solution delivers unprecedented productivity, boasting significantly higher yields per unit area (m2/sq ft) compared to existing methods.

Grow-tec supplies CEA -Controlled Environment Agriculture operations with industry-leading technology and tailor-made solutions that deliver ultra-high crop yields. State-of-the-art equipment and expert professional services increase profitability while minimizing resource consumption and enabling year-round cultivation worldwide.

Grow-tec envisions itself as the world leader in autonomous vertical farming solutions for CEAs, driving the global revolution in fruiting vegetables.

Shlomy Raziel, CEO and co-founder of Grow-tec, emphasizes the company’s unique value proposition: “We provide a patented, integrated solution for vertical farming in a controlled environment that includes both the hardware and software and is underpinned by solid unit economics. This unique solution is designed for cultivating fruiting vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers, as opposed to solutions offered by other companies that are primarily designed for leafy greens.”

He further states: “We chose to focus on cultivating these vegetables in order to distinguish ourselves from the other players in a crowded field. Grow-tec tackled significant challenges that other players shy away from due to their technological and agronomic complexity.”

“Furthermore, tomatoes account for 60% of global Fruiting vegetable consumption, making it a highly attractive business proposition.”

Grow-tec has been involved in advanced agricultural projects since its establishment in 2004. This extensive experience allowed the company to cultivate deep expertise in CEA including precise climate andenvironmental control, and the application of soilless technologies. Grow-Tec’s customers come from countries facing long-standing agricultural challenges such as unfavorable climate, a lack of fertile soil, water scarcity, labor shortages, and more.

The company’s success is based on a blend of its unique expertise, and multidisciplinary capabilities, including ergonomics (identifying optimal conditions for each plant), technological know-how (providing the solution which creates optimal conditions), operational understanding (establishing efficient and effective production systems and supply chains), commercial knowledge (building a business model that adds enhanced value to the customer), and more.

Grow-tec high-yield solutions

Challenges of Modern Agriculture

Agriculture is one of the oldest human endeavors and its development is crucial to sustaining the growing global population. Modern agriculture utilizes advanced systems for precise irrigation, fertilization, pest control, and pollination. Nevertheless, it faces a variety of challenges that make it difficult to provide an effective and efficient solution for supplying food to the entire population, particularly in densely populated urban centers and regions susceptible to dramatic climate changes.

Some of the challenges being faced are:

1. Food Security: Disruptions in the supply chain, such as those seen during the COVID-19 pandemic, emphasize the need for local food production to ensure critical food supply. Additionally, there is a shortage of labor and skilled workers in the agricultural industry.

2. Climate Change: Climate change affects crop yields, reduces water supply, makes food production unpredictable, and increases the dependency on long-distance transportation.

3. Consumer Demand: Changing consumer preferences, such as the “farm to table” movement, increases the demand for fresh and locally sourced pesticide-free produce.

Benefits of the Technological Revolution

Technological advancements in controlled environment agriculture (CEA), especially in urban areas, offer a new paradigm, and provide effective solutions to these challenges. The benefits of this technological revolution include:

1. Flexibility and Localization: Allows for year-round cultivation of any plant, reducing the distance between production and consumption, improving product freshness, and reducing transportation costs and carbon emissions.

2. Resource Conservation and Efficiency: CEA minimizes resource usage, including soil, water, fertilizers, and labor. It operates in a closed cycle without external pollution, chemicals, or pests. CEA also maximizes yield per unit area and minimizes resource waste.

3. Higher Quality and Healthier Produce: It allows for the production of premium-quality crops, free from diseases and pesticides.

Shlomy Raziel, CEO of Grow-tec, sheds light on the technological revolution taking place within CEA. He underscores the pivotal role of clean rooms and specialized environmental conditions for optimizing plant growth and maximizing yield. Ideal conditions include inert substrates, precise climate control, including air disinfection, carbon dioxide supplementation, and advanced LED lighting. These factors contribute to high-quality, fresh produce that is free from contaminants.

Grow-tec CEA VF2

Supply of Inputs:

Supply of Consumables such as seeds, fertilizer, substrates, and other materials vital for precise facility operation according to the protocols established by the company over the long term.

Grow-tec’s CEO, Shlomy Raziel outlines their next steps, including integrating automation systems with advanced robotics to replace manual processes such as pollination and harvesting. Grow-tec also plans to offer even larger, highly efficient facilities, enabling customers to produce an entire salad’s worth of ingredients within a single optimized environment.

For more information, please visit Grow-tec’s website at, and the company’s LinkedIn page: or email:

See Grow-tec’s innovations first-hand  at Indoor Ag-Con, March 11-12, 2024  in booth #1413 at Caesars Forum Las Vegas!

Grow-tec at Indoor Ag-con