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Kappa AgTech Unveils Silicone Substrate

This year at Indoor Ag-Con Kappa AgTech unveils Silicone Substrate, a paradigm shift in hydroponics.

Silicone Substrate is a complete and permanent replacement for all disposable growing media.

No media, ever.

Grow from seed, clone, or rootstock in NFT, DWC, Ebb & Flow, Mobile Gullies, and Aeroponics.

Mass customization ensures a complete solution for your facility.

Booth 1407, see you there!

Jiffy to Showcase Sustainable, Automation-Ready Solutions at Indoor Ag-Con 2024 | Booth 1012

Jiffy Group looks forward to exhibiting at Indoor Ag-Con March 11-12, 2024, at Caesars Forum Conference Center in Las Vegas.

At Jiffy, we recognize that Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) growers are constantly weighing multiple factors when selecting substrate for various hydroponic, aeroponic, and aquaponic systems.

We have worked alongside many CEA growers to help increase cost savings on inputs and reduce costs on labor by offering solutions that are both environmentally sound and easily compatible with automated systems.

Visit us at Indoor Ag-Con Booth #1012 to see our many innovative solutions and allow us to demonstrate how we can help you achieve more efficient and sustainable growing operations.

Streamlining CEA solutions

The high technology, sustainable and certified solution you are looking for to improve yield and maximize your production with more convenience.

Jiffy’s cost-effective solutions provide the key benefits of helping you attain high germination and yields in a variety of CEA production systems.

Jiffy Pellets and Jiffy Preforma, for example, are cost-effective growing media solutions that are well-suited for leafy greens and herb growers who utilize nutrient film technique (NFT) and deep water culture hydroponic systems.

• Pellets include growing media—either peat, RHP-certified coconut coir, or a mix—in an open wall, and a biodegradable, compostable PLA net. You can purchase pellets in various sizes. Jiffy-7 pellets are shipped dry to save space in storage and maximize freight cost. They then expand upon watering ready for seeding and germination.

• With Preforma, growers can select between multiple peat and coir substrate mixes and tray and dibble sizes. Jiffy designs and formulates Preforma plugs as a ready-to-use growing solution using a substrate binder. This helps the plugs retain optimal physical properties throughout various automated processes such as transplanting.

For growers producing vine crops or strawberries in gutter-based systems with drip irrigation, we recommend our Growbags (including EasyFill Growbags) or loose fill mixes.

Jiffy also offers other products to help with your needs, such as Jiffy Growblocks, which are a great combination with Growbags. Jiffy Pots are the preferred choice for growers with hydroponics systems because they offer several key benefits, not only related to crop quality and quantity but also contribute to the sustainability and profitability of operations.

As you work with us to fulfill your substrate needs, you will also benefit from our global supply chain and sales force, advanced handling of raw materials, and certifications ensuring success at every step.

Adhering to the highest standards

At Jiffy, we prioritize the safety, sustainability, and quality of our products and processes.

Our production facilities are certified with various ISO certification standards: ISO 22000 for food safety, ISO 14001 for sustainability, and ISO 9001 for quality. All our operations are also compliant with California’s Proposition 65. These certifications ensure that the media provided is of the highest quality produced to specifications that allow for optimal results.

For some products and production locations, Jiffy has obtained the quality mark from RHP, the nonprofit European knowledge center for growing media, certifying that raw materials and products meet strict quality and sustainability standards. We also offer a range of OMRI listed organic, 0% plastic, and peat-free solutions helping you to achieve your sustainability goals.

Let’s work together

Opportunities abound for the CEA industry to feed an expanding global population, and Jiffy is glad to assist growers by offering them many customized solutions.

As we further our commitment to the industry, we will be opening a new Preforma factory on the West Coast of the United States in Fall 2024.

We look forward to working with you to make sure your operation is a continued success. Come visit us at Indoor Ag-Con Booth #1012, and let’s grow together.



Klasmann-Deilmann: The Magic of Innovation

Klasmann-Deilmann will showcase its latest introductions in booth 812 during the March 11-12, 2024 edition of Indoor Ag-Con. The focus will be on the presentation of a genuine innovation for modern horticulture: Nygaia. Nygaia is a substrate based on biopolymer technology that is biodegradable and is particularly suitable for use in hydroponic systems.

Under the theme “The magic of innovation,” the completely newly developed product will be presented to a wide audience. In addition to theoretical information – which will be communicated at the trade fair booth – the product will also be brought to life for trade fair visitors on site.

Be it with test kits, which will be distributed to interested guests at the booth. Or with the appearance of Rob Anderson. The magician has been seen on Good Morning America, Today, and Comedy Central performing his impressive feats of sleight-of-hand and mind-reading. Rob will be making an appearance during Ag-Con exclusively at the Klasmann-Deilmann booth and during the welcome cocktail reception on the expo floor.

And when even the President of MTV Networks says about Rob ” … I know how rare it is to come upon a talent like him.”, this live event is definitely not to be missed. The special performance is scheduled for March 11 , 2024 from 5:15 to 5:45 pm in the Expo Theater on the show floor during the opening day cocktail reception.

About Nygaia 

Nygaia is the substrate solution of the future that will soon be able to completely replace conventional substrates, e.g. in the cultivation of leafy vegetables in hydroponics and vertical cultivation systems. The innovative substrate fibre consists of 60% natural, bio-based raw materials and is completely biodegradable.


This means it produces neither waste nor microplastics. The Nygaia substrate fibre for hydroponics is inert, salt-free and provides a perfect water retention capacity. It also offers very good air capacity, which optimally supports healthy root growth of plants. Nygaia is a product development of the close collaboration of Klasmann-Deilmann and Maan Biobased Products.

Innovation in plant propagation: The GROWCOON

In addition to Nygaia, Klasmann-Deilmann will also showcase Growcoon, a fully biodegradable propagation plug based on polymer technology with a stable but flexible open net structure. It forms a stable root ball when used in combination with a high-quality seedling substrate. Therefore, Growcoon is the optimal system for all types of propagation methods such as sowing, rooting of cuttings, grafting but proves to be particularly effective in vertical farming and hydroponic systems.
The Growcoon is available in many different standard sizes and suitable for all common tray sizes and can be used in all established propagation systems and with different trays and any loose fill substrate. Moreover, Growcoon is a solution for pot-free cultivation, which can significantly reduce the use of plastic. For this, Growcoon is also available in larger dimensions and suitable for growing bedding plants, perennials, or pot herbs in small pots. Growcoon is a product developed within the close collaboration of Klasmann-Deilmann and Maan Biobased Products.

About Klasmann-Deilmann

Klasmann-Deilmann is the leading corporate group in the international substrate industry, with numerous sales and production companies in Europe, Asia and America, and a network of sales and production partners on every continent. Our growing media provide worldwide a vital basis for the growth of soft fruit, vegetables, edible mushrooms, herbs, ornamental plants, trees and shrubs. They help ensure the success of our partners and customers in the commercial horticulture sector and are an integral part of the food sector value chain.

The strategic focus of our company, a medium-sized family business, is extremely forward-looking. Keen to remain the most successful and sustainable producer of growing media, we are single-mindedly building on the lead we have in the development and use of renewable resources, ground-breaking substrate blends and innovative solutions for commercial horticulture. Our ADVANCED substrates as well as Growcoon, Nygaia and the Growbag ADVANCED are the latest examples of our sustainable, innovative growing solutions.

Learn more about Klassmann-Deilmann.


Hydrofarm and CEA Advisors Announce Strategic Alliance

hydrofarm and growtainer Hydrofarm Holdings Group, Inc. (“Hydrofarm”), a leading manufacturer and distributor of equipment and supplies for controlled environment agriculture (“CEA”), today announced that it has entered into an exclusive strategic alliance with CEA Advisors, a global design/build consultancy to the vertical farming industry and manufacturer of Growtainers® and Growracks®, to accelerate their expansion into the growing and evolving CEA space for both food and non-food production.

(Photo above — (L-R) Glenn Behrman and Chris Mayer – compliments of Vertical Farm Daily)

Hydrofarm’s Innovative Growers Equipment (“IGE”) commercial division will serve as the North American manufacturing and marketing hub for Growtainers® and Growracks®. IGE’s Sycamore, Illinois facility combines manufacturing, research and development, and warehouse space serving the global market.

“We are excited about our relationship with Glenn Behrman and CEA Advisors. It will bring great enhancements to the creative solutions and support we provide to the CEA market,” said Chris Mayer, SVP and Head of Hydrofarm Commercial. “Our priority is to be one of the most important global providers of CEA products and services. We believe that the CEA industry has tremendous potential, and we are very excited to have a 50-year veteran of the global horticulture industry on our team.”

“Working with the Hydrofarm team, IGE, and Chris Mayer is a dream come true for a company like CEA Advisors,” said Glenn. “I’m convinced that collaboration is the key to success in today’s challenging economic environment. We strongly believe that in CEA, there is great opportunity for new farmers globally, and that is why our first initiative will be the design and distribution of an affordable entry level Growtainer®. The beginning CEA farmer can learn and experience this type of production with minimal investment and then move on to other more sophisticated systems that are available.”

About Hydrofarm Holdings Group, Inc.

Hydrofarm is a leading independent manufacturer and distributor of branded hydroponics equipment and supplies for controlled environment agriculture, including grow lights, climate control solutions, growing media and nutrients, as well as a broad portfolio of innovative and proprietary branded products. For over 40 years, Hydrofarm has helped growers make growing easier and more productive. The Company’s mission is to empower growers, farmers and cultivators with products that enable greater quality, efficiency, consistency and speed in their grow projects.

About CEA Advisors LLC

CEA Advisors provides Consulting services on the global development of turnkey innovative investment grade indoor farming projects from concept to implementation, including design, engineering, technology procurement, installation, and hands on project management for a wide variety of international clients including Start-Ups, Biotechnology firms, Government Agencies, Universities, Commercial Growers, Researchers, Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Food Manufacturers, Food Processors and Grocery Retailers.

Glenn Behrman has always been a disruptor and an industry pioneer, a hands-on “C’ level executive in the Horticulture industry for over 50 years and laser focused for the past 13 years on Controlled Environment Agriculture as founder and President of CEA Advisors LLC.

Physical Performance of Substrates – Kekkilä-BVB

Indoor Ag-Con 2023 Exhibitor & Sponsor Kekkilä-BVB discusses how the performance of substrates is one of the factors that determine the success of your cultivation. To get the best out of your leafy greens, it’s crucial to create an optimal environment for the plant’s roots to develop. Many factors work together to determine if a root zone is suitable. For example, we should take physical characteristics like pore size into account. However, factors like microbial activity within the substrate and buffers for pH and nutrients also play a big role in the happiness of your crop’s roots.

Take a look at the first article about the physical performance of soilless substrates on the website of their expert product brand BVB Substrates. Be sure to keep an eye on their website and LinkedIn page for follow-up articles in this series.

Jiffy Group: Growing Media Solution for CEA

Soil and water are the two most crucial resources for feeding the world’s expanding population. For this reason, more people may be able to be fed with fewer resources by adopting the practice of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA).

The Global controlled environment agriculture substrate market is projected to witness a Y-o-Y growth of 15.1% in 2027*. That’s why Controlled environment agriculture (CEA) is an exciting segment in horticulture.

What Jiffy solutions are best for CEA?

Jiffy GroupJiffy Growing Solutions Logo is renowned for the outstanding quality of its growing media.

Growers know they can rely on Jiffy year in year out to supply them with a wide range of solutions that are clean, safe, sustainable, and innovative. Jiffy got decades of experience selling to greenhouse growers, and products like Preforma, Growbags, and Pellets are clean and easy to use, with organic options.

*Report from Dee Market Insights Pvt. Ltd.

See Jiffy Group at the February 27-28, 2023 edition of Indoor Ag-Con in booth 918.

Visit the Jiffy Group website to read the full story!