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AmHydro Partners With Ryzee To Introduce New All-in-one Farm Optimization Platform

American Hydroponics (AmHydro), provider of best-in-class hydroponic growing systems and CEA grower support, and Ryzee, an Agtech startup that develops hardware and data-driven software systems for CEA markets are pleased to announce the strategic partnership and collaboration to develop a groundbreaking all-in-one farm optimization platform, designed from the ground up to address pain points that growers deal with on a daily basis.

The OnSite app will be publicly unveiled and demoed for the first time in Las Vegas at Indoor Ag-Con 2024, where attendees will have the opportunity to visit Booth 715 learn more and apply for free access as pre-launch testers.

The tablet-based platform utilizes hardware and software – in the greenhouse and remotely – to help farmers track operations, automate daily tasks, and optimize crop planning. It’s farmer-tested and affordable, with features and functionality that address real feedback and needs expressed by AmHydro customers on a regular basis.

“I’ve spent decades in the industry, both as a commercial grower and working with AmHydro. I know what the struggles are. I’ve seen a lot of technologies that have made growers’ lives easier, but I’ve never seen an all-in-one solution that solves so many farm management issues this well. It’s been so exciting to team up with Ryzee to bring this platform to life. I think the features will speak for themselves, and I’m so excited to let everyone see what we’ve been working on.”
Joe Swartz, VP, AmHydro

“Our team at Ryzee is very excited about the partnership with American Hydroponics on the OnSite tool. By combining our respective strengths, we are streamlining farm management and increasing productivity to address farmers’ real needs.”
– Mike M. Liu, CEO, Ryzee

With minimal setup required, OnSite will allow growers access to a full suite of features. Crop Walk combines RFID crop and harvest tracking and visual assessments to create useful at-a-glance reports on plant health and productivity. Utilization Based Planning will allow full optimization of planting sites, allowing growers to schedule rolling harvests without leaving channels empty. Crop automations will respond to real farm data to schedule and track tasks, ensuring growers and farm workers know exactly what to do and when.

Future releases are planned to further enhance productivity and automate operation activities.

Growers and investors attending Indoor Ag-Con 2024 are welcome to drop by the AmHydro X Ryzee booth to learn more about trialing the platform at no cost before it is officially launched.