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DryGair Is Saving Energy and Improving Yields Across N. American Horticulture

Dehumidification system manufacturer, DryGair (Indoor Ag-Con Booth 207), has been at the forefront of the horticulture humidity control market since its inception in 2010. The company has recently established its N. America branch, in order to better serve the U.S. and Canadian markets, as the system is becoming more and more popular, in a wider variety of crops.

Director of the N. America branch, Douglas Miller, mentions DryGair’s success in Europe, most notably in the Netherlands.

“Growers in Europe have been using DryGair for a long time, in a variety of different crops and facilities. It’s become a staple, especially in flowers and other ornamental plants, as well as herbs, leafy greens, and many types of vegetable and vine crops.”

Growers Use DryGair for a Variety of Benefits

The patented dehumidification system was developed at the Volcani Agricultural Research Center, as one of the first solutions for active humidity reduction in horticultural environments. Advanced greenhouses were quick to adopt the technology, as it was shown to not only prevent diseases and improve yields, but also save a significant amount of energy.

“When people think of dehumidification, they think of mold prevention”, Miller says. “But it’s much more than that. Maintaining an ideal relative humidity range, coupled with a uniform climate (thanks to DryGair’s patented air circulation mechanism), has a major impact on the crop. It creates an active climate that stimulates growth and improves quality.”

“The system also saves a lot of energy. By making ventilation unnecessary, you can retain heat inside, which significantly reduces heating requirements. We’ve seen an average of 50% savings, compared to traditional humidity control methods, in trials and customer experiences.”

DryGair’s Success in the Cannabis Sector

In contrast to the European markets, in the U.S. and Canada, DryGair was mostly popularized in cannabis production.

“We’ve had a lot of success in commercial and medical cannabis production in the U.S. and Canada. Cannabis growers were early adopters, quickly realizing that effective humidity control can make or break entire grow cycles” Miller mentions.

“Of course, when it comes to cannabis, humidity control is extremely important, as it’s the main tool for mold prevention. It’s necessary in all stages of cultivation and is actually a GMP requirement for medicinal cannabis production.”

Popularizing Dehumidification in Vegetable and Flower Cultivation

“However, more and more ‘traditional’ growers have been taking note.” Miller adds. “Vegetable, flower, and potted plant growers are realizing the benefits their counterparts across the world are reaping.”

Drygair At Indoor Ag-Con 2024Once growers understand that this tool can both improve yields and reduce costs, it’s an easy decision,” he adds.

DryGair will be presenting their humidity control solution at the upcoming Indoor Ag-Con. Visit the company at booth #207 to discuss effective humidity control and energy savings possibilities for your facility.

The Importance of Connected Smart Solutions in Indoor Ag

Ridder is committed to providing growers with the solutions they need to maximize their crops’ potential and prepare them for future challenges. Ridder collaborates with global partners to create and deliver Connected Smart Solutions which enable the operations for sustainable food and flower production in Controlled Environment Agriculture across the world.

Wil Lammers, Ridder’s Managing Director of the Americas, points out that a part of Ridder is best known for its drive systems – Operating air vents, sidewall ventilation, and screen systems in greenhouses. “The customer base for our drive systems is typically the major greenhouse manufacturers in Europe and North America. We are also working more with smaller regional greenhouse builders. But today Ridder is so much more than drive systems. We offer a complete line-up of connected smart solutions by providing a unique plant-centric suite of technologies that work in close harmony to master the major crop balances and processes in a controlled environment.”

According to Lammers, it is increasingly desired by advanced greenhouses and indoor growing environments to look for a complete holistic solution – managing plant growth and ensuring business continuity with a smarter use of energy, water, labor and knowledge. “Not only from a growers-perspective, but also from a business owner point of view. There is clearly more demand for a more integrated approach when it comes down to greenhouse automation and other technologies.”

“We offer individual components such as drive systems, screen cloths, climate computers and water treatment systems to guarantee optimum crop quality through controlled and precise growth. In addition, we ease work with robotics, labor registration and other smart innovative technologies. Of course each individual solution is high-level, but when they work together, they are perfectly tuned to each other to create the optimal growing conditions and controlled in one go”

Lammers explains that Ridder has a unique position with regards to what it takes to produce plants. “In the indoor environment, there must be a perfect balance between photosynthesis and the energy balance around the plants. There is also the moisture balance, which involves transpiration and the vapor pressure deficit around the plants. On top of this you will also need to consider the irrigation and fertigation of the plants and integrated pest management to maintain plant health. Since a controlled environment is a micro-climate, adjustments in one of these plant or climate parameters will influence another. Therefore, it is important that the technology used in indoor farms or greenhouses work in close harmony to master these balances and processes in a more effective and sustainable way.”

The process of managing and balancing irrigation, ventilation, heat and light will provide business owners and growers with a profitable bottom-line result of their venture. “Please come visit us at Indoor Ag-Con booth 704. We look forward to discussing your challenges and provide you with the latest insights on how both our connected smart solutions allow you to future-proof your business and help you grow your way.

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